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Present vs Future Oriented Thinking - How to Induce a Change?

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  • Present vs Future Oriented Thinking - How to Induce a Change?

    Hello all. I hope the mods don't find this so far off-topic that it doesn't belong on sedfast, but I'm posting this question here as I feel it relates quite strongly to skill progression and personal development.


    The above video discusses how different types of attitudes toward time affects people's behaviour, and how there has been a noticeable change in recent (including my) generations.

    The main distinction was drawn between present (hedonist) thinking, and future thinking, namely that young people are much more present oriented, rather than future oriented. The basic idea is that many of us will do things that are fun now, but we don't really work hard for securing success in the future.

    For myself (and probably everyone, to a certain degree), I am a mixture between different types. For example, when it comes to spending money, I am very future oriented, which has led to me being a good saver without much effort - it comes naturally to me.

    Where I find I struggle, is when it comes to skills. I am much more present-oriented in that when I am doing something new (let's say, a new sport, studying a new language, or getting better at pick-up), I tend to learn quickly at the beginning, but I have a very difficult time sticking it out when it becomes less fun.

    The video discusses a variety of causes in one's upbringing that can lead to such a way of thinking (one's first language, religious and societal values, and video games), but it doesn't touch on how one can go about bringing a change in their own thinking, which is what I am really interested in.

    In the simplest of terms:

    I want to become more future oriented. How can I do it?

    Any ideas?