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    Just wanted to add something. I know the most guys are from the US.

    Iīm from Germany so i can only talk about the situation here. Going to a University here costs you almost nothing. Itīs around 800 dollars a year and if you donīt have enough money the state helps you to pay for it and you can do a Bachelor graduation in 3 years which is the same time you would need for any schooling for a specific job and on average college graduates earn more. So considering the fact that education is almost free and Iīm still working while going to college and earn enough money to pay for everything itīs not that bad of a choice it seems to be in the US. And i have to study for more far more than 3 years.


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      Originally posted by rigoletto
      Guys, don't worry about increasing your salary...this often happens naturally due to age and experience.
      Yes - at a rate your employer(s) are very happy with. DO NOT let your salary increase naturally. Unless you enjoy working for less money than your employer is actually willing to pay you.