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  • Sex Talk Guide - Free ebook

    After many requests about reposting my sex talk post, it is finally available to the public. The truth is, I didn't even have the original posts on my computer and after formhandle closed my archive, I thought these posts were gone for good.... until...

    A fanboy on an illegal torrent website (the place) compiled my articles. This awesome guy actually fixed some typos (which the original version had plenty of).

    My little beauty - here are the articles where I started developping my game back in 2009. I was 16 at that time, but still most of the concepts are still valid - I still use the techniques. However some small things have changed but overall, it is still good. I have worked further on the techniques in the guide, but I think the guide explains everything in a very simple way. These days, if I had to write the same thing it would be a 200 page book! LOL

    If the link is not working, send me a pm or notice me in this thread!

    TVA_Oslo: Sex Talk Guide.pdf

    Comments and questions are as always welcome!


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    Consider me your first non-customer.

    Thanks dude!! I'm gonna read it right now.

    As you know from our exchange regarding Z's project, this is one of my favorite things :-)


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      Thanks a lot, will fuel me for a bit again after recovering from some peak performances :P


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        This is awesome! Thank you! Sure wonder what happened to all those posts, yeah...


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          Teevster: Before I read it, does it work for Day game? Thanks


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            Thanks, this ebook looks really good.
            The guy who put it together did a great job!!


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              Teevster Link seems to be not working anymore.


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                The link is dead. I heard you are the King of sex talk. Would it be possible to get a new link up? I'm about to go balls deep in sex talk, so it would be awesome!