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Copyright Lawsuit Firm Faces Seisure Of Assets

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  • Copyright Lawsuit Firm Faces Seisure Of Assets

    From VegasINC

    These are the guys who bought the rights to old Las Vegas Review Journal and Denver Post material and have been suing small web sites for thousands of dollars and seizing their domain names after they post material from those two papers.

    They lost a suit against a small web site that specializes in horse race betting, were ordered to pay the site's $35K in legal fees, and then stalled paying to the point where they ran up another $30K in collection fees. A Federal Court has ordered US Marshals to seize their assets to pay the settlement.

    I am digging it, but there are others doing the same thing, and it is guys like this that force us to have a no reposting rule. Links with attribution only.
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