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Dark Triad Personality Traits

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  • Dark Triad Personality Traits

    In Psychology, the "Dark Triad" refers to the following three personality traits:

    1. Narcissism
    2. Machiavellianism
    3. Psychopathy

    Some of you may recognize these as classic "bad boy" traits; in fact, peer-reviewed research has confirmed that women tend to throw themselves at men who display these traits. Such is the given reason for how these traits have survived in society, when obviously if everyone had them, the society would crumble. The reason: women select for them with their vaginas, by banging bad boys and having their children.

    You can test yourself for where you score on these traits here:

    I'm curious what peoples' scores are. Each one is out of a possible "4," with "4" being the maximum. Personally, I scored a 3 on Narcissism and Machiavellianism, and a 2.8 on Psychopathy. Which I think puts me in the "slighty evil but harmless mastermind" category.

    What about you?

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    Here's mine:

    Narcissism: 2.5
    Machiavellianism: 2.1
    Psychopathy: 1.7

    I guess this means that I'm not narcissistic or a psychopath.


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      Narcissism: 3.1
      Machiavellianism: 3
      Psychopathy: 3.2

      I had a report here once called "I think I'm turning evil". Looks like I was right.

      Don't know but you guys, but there's a certain "hehe I wanna be evil" bias in this test, no?


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        69.4Narcissism is an egotistical preoccupation with self. [more]Machiavellianism3
        74.2Machiavellianism is a tendancy to be manipulative and deceitful. [more]Psychopathy3
        79.1Psychopathy reflects shallow emotional responses. [more]

        In case you can't read that graphic, my Scores/Percentiles are:

        Narcissism 2.8/69.4

        Machiavellianism 3/74.2

        Psychopathy 3/79.1

        Percentile means I am more narcissistic than 69.4% of all people, more Machiavellian than 74.2%, and more psychopathic than 79.1%

        LOL! That's surprised me a little. I thought I would be the exact opposite, more narcissist and less psycho.

        I'm curious to hear what O---'s percentiles are... that looks pretty bad! hahaha


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          81.3 / 74.2 / 84.3

          I'm sure we have worse here.

          Btw I expected my macchiavellianism to be a bit lower than the others. It's because I'm bad at planning, not because I'm not evil.


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            LOL I knew this would be a fun thread. No surprises so far.


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              Wow. I must be one of nicest, most giving people in the world.

              On scale from 1 to 4, Naarcissim was 1.1, 4.4 percentile.

              On scale from 1 to 4, Machiavellianism was 1.2, 8.5 percentile.

              On scale from 1 to 4, Psychopathy was 1.1, 35.5 percentile.

              Where's my halo?

              Seriously though, most of the test was about A) thinking people are bad, B) giving a shit about what people think about you, and C) lying.

              So if you don't lie and don't give shit about people but also don't think people are bad, you're going to score as "good". Yet I know plenty of people who would consider me extremely selfish, for example. Also, those traits bolster each other. For example, if I was very outcome dependent and really, really gave a shit about what people thought of me, I would lie A LOT, like all the time. So both of those "scores" would increase each other.

              As usual, there are limits to these kinds of narrow tests.
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                Ha! I guess I'm a nice guy.

                Nar 1.9 27%ile

                Mac 1.1 7%ile

                Psy 1.1 18%ile
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                  Narcissism - 3.1/81.3

                  Machiavellianism - 2.5/54.9

                  Psychopathy - 1.5/30.6

                  So... a narcissist who cares about other people's feelings?


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                    0.6 Narcissism, 0.4%
                    0.9 Machiavellianism, 3.4%
                    0.5 Psychopathy, 3.7%

                    Was expecting to be a lot higher actually >_>


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                      I was actually surprised at how high I scored on Psychopathy. I'm a pretty sensitive dude and usually try to take the feelings of other people into account.'m surprised I only got a 3. I'm way too awesome for just a 3.


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                        I went through it the first time feeling my badboy side and not letting words get in the way.
                        N 78.3
                        M 74
                        P 70

                        Then I went back through and reacted to words like lying and manipulating like I usually would. In other words, I donít lie to people but I will let them believe what they want to believe whether I agree with it or not.
                        N 60
                        M 16
                        P 64

                        Even then I felt like some answers reflected my real opinion and others were relative to the situation. I see BD say he doesnít care what people think about him but I bet he cares quite a lot about whether a select number of women think about him. If he wasnít getting any pussy he would care a hell of a lot. According to his blog, he has completely changed such things as his wardrobe to change peopleís opinion. If I didnít care what others thought I could become a hermit who didnít need people. As it is I am very gregarious because I basically like people and want to have meaningful interactions with them. Hence the relationship is much more important than a stupid thing like honesty or morality.


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                          I was actually surprised at how high I scored on Psychopathy.
                          But, that doesn't make you a psychopath, or even say much about you. These tests are fun, but no more meaningful than the ones which tell you what kind of car you'd be if you were a car.
                          The older the violin, the sweeter the music. Augustus McCrae


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                            Narcissism 1.7 (19.4%), Machiavellianism 2.7 (62.9%), Psychopathy 1.7 (38.1%)

                            I don't have a problem with lying or manipulating people, but for me being respectful and generous are the most effective ways of doing so. I honestly don't see being a "good guy" as being any less manipulative than being a "bad boy", and in fact a lot of AFCs are very emotionally manipulative. But even if I throw a lot of compliments in someone's direction and make them feel good about themselves, I don't actually "care" about them and will forget about them the next minute. I'm definitely the most important person in my own life, I just don't act like it.


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                              Originally posted by Tubarao View Post
                              Narcissism 1.7 (19.4%), Machiavellianism 2.7 (62.9%), Psychopathy 1.7 (38.1%)
                              You have a Daneaxe for crying out loud and 2.7 is the best you could do on Machiavellianism? It seems you need a more princely number than that.