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How long do you usually wait to message back a girl who replied to you?

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  • How long do you usually wait to message back a girl who replied to you?

    Just wanted a second opinion on this. When a girl replies back to your opening message, how long do you guys wait (if at all) to message her back?

    I wait a day until I message her back (e.g. if she replies to me back the first time on Sunday afternoon, I'll reply back on Monday).

    I'm sure it's not that big of a deal how long you wait, but I want to see if it affects rates of getting first dates, by waiting too long or replying too soon.

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    You should reply as soon as you see the message.

    In online game, time is your enemy. Your objective is to get her out of the dating site as soon as possible. For women, a guy she is talking to online is the last of (probably) many options. If one of the guys she knows in real life makes a move on her, you are out. As soon as her "online dating mood" is over, you are out. There are many times a woman you are talking to online dissapears without any reason, and the more you wait to meet her on real life the more chances it will happen.
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      Good points you make. If I'm ever online (except for Friday and Saturday nights), I'll just reply as soon as I can.


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        Reply whenever dude. So much of this is out of your control, don't even think twice about it and do what's convenient for you.