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  • (Online Game) Test Retake

    So, I was looking around my OKC profile and saw that on one of the tests I took. The Dating Persona Test. I got the result HORNIVORE. Now that I knew better, I said, "Fuck this!" And retook the test. I lied about my sexual desires. Stayed trutheful about my sexual experiences and was semi-truthful about my dealbreakers. My new results, THE GENTLEMAN. There are 3 tests that are worded in pink in the test section: Those are Dating Persona Test, Slut Test and Politics. Everything else is in blue. As you can tell, those 3 tests stand out like a sore thumb. The next day, a woman sent me a message. They usually don't send me the first message. Problem solved.

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    I do not think, that it is possible do draw any worthwhile conclusion of a single random event... I suggest you test it out more, and return again if it proves to change a lot - consistently