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Any luck when looking on Craigslist? Strategies?

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  • Any luck when looking on Craigslist? Strategies?

    Hey all,

    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    I am wondering if any of you have had any luck when contacting women on Craigslist? I've searched the forum for it, but I've only found one success story so far. Also would you recommend any strategic approaches to contacting women on Craigslist? I figured it might be more of a risk than on POF or OKC, because most girls don't even post a picture up there. Let me know your thoughts!



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    Assuming you're talking about Casual Encounters?

    Don't approach women on craigslist. You're going to end up with email farmers, spam bots, and prostitutes if you do that (at least that's all there is where i live).

    Instead - post your own add. Show you're filthy; that you're secret society :wink wink: the girls with your pervertedness...

    The key is simple though - have a good pic of your body (if you have a good body) and/or your dick (and there's ways to make it look a lot bigger than it is in pics). You need one of those two - or you stand little chance.

    Also: Don't expect the bad bitches (looks wise) to be on CL... The bad bitches (fucking wise) are on there.


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      Craigslist works very well. It is the only online venue where chicks contact guys regularly. Yes, lots of fatties and UGs, but also lots of hotties.

      Girls on CL seem to be very unaware of the whole POF/OKC online dating phenomenon, so they go to craigslist.

      Like bukowski says, you should post an ad, not reply to them. The only exception to this is where the chick is writing something that ONLY a local would know, and even then you have to be very on guard for prostitutes.

      Pics- I don't do pics, but again, bukowskis advice is solid. And there are some TOTAL freaks on CL. Hot ones too. I regularly post ads explicitly stating I am looking for:

      1) Women who are bored/unsatisfied with their husband
      2) Chicks who want to be dominated, especially young ones
      3) Chicks looking for a threesome with a married couple

      Also, my ads are a little different and DHV, not just "Yo, 39 y/on MWM looking for NSA can host". Don't do that shit. Write something memorable, even a little C&F.

      And, of course, its a numbers game. An ad typically gets me 1 or 2 interested chicks. Sometimes of course you get nothing. No worries, just change the ad and post again. Also, be aware of what is called "ghosting", where it looks like your ad posted, but it doesnt show up. If you arent getting spammed, you have been ghosted. CL does this on purpose.

      Lastly, put something like "Be sure and put the name of the {insert identifiable landmark known to locals} in the subject line so I know you arent spam". This will weed out 99% of all spammers. There is one or two chicks in my area who pretend to be real and answer correctly, but they always send the same pic, so you will find out quickly who they are.


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        Thanks for the heads up.

        Seriously, thanks. Extra question for you though.

        Do we have a thread up for Pros/Cons for each online dating site? If not we should compile one.



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          I have fucked over 10 women from craigslist. That being said there are a ton of fatties ton of fakes and some hot chicks. If you want to get laid and cut the bullshit it's a good way to get laid and a new experience.