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    What're you going to jail for?


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      Originally posted by Circulator View Post
      What're you going to jail for?
      I got in a fight with a guy. Assault. Obviously I haven't turned myself in yet.


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        Originally posted by Jack Gignac View Post
        got like 5-6 replies just 15 minutes after posting. incredible, never would have known people creep around on this shit.
        a lot of them are asking to message them on their gmail, is simply replying on my email sufficient to do that?

        edit; as per usual at least of two of them have been bots so far. lol read it too fast and thought the wanting to transfer emails was sketchy.

        double edit; I got like 20 replies all of them bots haha gunna probably throw this on the backburner. impressive that you got those stats from your method

        triple edit; got a real one. like a 7/10 cougar. I'd imagine they would be a 30+ crowd cause what young person today uses craigslist really? that's so 10 years ago no? lol
        I got the same thing with asking me to email to gmail or yahoo or sign up at some fake verification websites.
        I fell it the email thing the first time but wised up and now I just respond for a picture request.

        Got (2) real ones but it took them 2 days to get through to me