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    I made a video and posted it here about 2 years ago. I took it a little further by looking for model types. I fucked a 9 in about 17 minutes. I was 47. She was 20. I never posted a pic of myself but just relied on game once they got in front of me. You'd be surprised how many hot girls have fantasies like meeting a guy for a photo shoot and getting fucked. I even shot videos of these girls. It wasn't hidden. The video camera was on a tripod in plain view. They didn't care. This one girl told me up front she wanted to shoot a porn. Man I went and picked her up and fuck she was hotter than her pics. It was even hotter that she was 19 and had to sneak out of her house because her mom was on her ass. It was funny, as we were driving to the hotel, she told me she was under suspicion of being an accomplice to murder and her BF was in jail for it. I'm like okaaaayyy... You can definitely pull some hot girls off CL. I took a break from it but I look forward to getting this going again. At least after I get out of jail. I go in tomorrow.



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      What're you going to jail for?


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        Originally posted by Circulator View Post
        What're you going to jail for?
        I got in a fight with a guy. Assault. Obviously I haven't turned myself in yet.


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          Originally posted by Jack Gignac View Post
          got like 5-6 replies just 15 minutes after posting. incredible, never would have known people creep around on this shit.
          a lot of them are asking to message them on their gmail, is simply replying on my email sufficient to do that?

          edit; as per usual at least of two of them have been bots so far. lol read it too fast and thought the wanting to transfer emails was sketchy.

          double edit; I got like 20 replies all of them bots haha gunna probably throw this on the backburner. impressive that you got those stats from your method

          triple edit; got a real one. like a 7/10 cougar. I'd imagine they would be a 30+ crowd cause what young person today uses craigslist really? that's so 10 years ago no? lol
          I got the same thing with asking me to email to gmail or yahoo or sign up at some fake verification websites.
          I fell it the email thing the first time but wised up and now I just respond for a picture request.

          Got (2) real ones but it took them 2 days to get through to me