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A/B testing online pics, online profiles, creating multiple profiles

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  • A/B testing online pics, online profiles, creating multiple profiles

    Hey there--

    I took a page of Blackdragon's playbook in terms of testing online crap.

    Anyway I'm wondering - is there some kind of easy setup you can do to A/B test profiles on Tinder, and other free/ low cost dating sites?

    To avoid getting caught, I mean .. yes you have your actual profile, and then maybe a profile in City B and City C that are used merely for testing. Say like if you live in Dallas, you also have on in Seattle and one in Chicago, whatever. Now yes there may be different effects depending on the city, but if a dozen of us test this out we can probably figure out if there's 'lift' in certain markets.

    Now yes the photos are the main draw, true. Maybe you can already get feedback on those on Reddit, HotorNot, or whatever the hell people use. But I feel "advice" is one thing --- actual real life results is another.

    In the ideal world, I'd have 3 profiles on Tinder, and 3 profiles on a few free sites. Maybe an auto-liker and some other crap. I know these sites really try to crack down on automation but eh. Would be great if I could determine my 'match %' or 'response rates' automatically instead of by hand, but I take it most of these sites intentionally obscure any kind of API to prevent spamming and crap.

    Would be great if anyone has any input though.

    Maybe this is too much effort to optimize photos - and maybe it's just better to spend more time in the gym or building a more interesting life, but I'm just curious. Photos are the main draw, right? I mean the perfect photo won't turn a gargoyle into a model, but I've banged an odd 7 or 8 off Tinder with crap pics, so I feel like I'm good enough for that, let's improve the marketing (vs. the product necessarily, aka me lol).

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    tinder has that new 'smart photos' features. I turned it on for 2 weeks and it hasn't given me any feedback so I'm not sure if it's working or not?


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      I did this kind of testing with Plenty of Fish. To be successful testing, it will be in your benefit to choose cities that are very closely alike. For example testing an LA market versus a rural American town just isn't going to work because

      1. There are far more people and
      2. They have different tastes and culture in men

      Haven't done this in a while, but I would test on POF, set up the profiles make it standard and see which of the hottest girls reply most when all other factors are the same. From my understanding, tinder can be rough to test at the same time, however I think you can download a program so that you can do this on the computer, so might work.


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        Won't work. Sample size not big enough.
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