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    Hey guys,

    in online game or also in some other situation in real life I think it is a failure to "pretend you know the girl". At least the way I did. Let me explain.

    Let's say I see a chick I want to write (online game forum), no matter how I opened she responeded with an "Hi" .

    What I always did in the past was thinking "ok go, Easy just pretend to know each other" slipping into the "reality" or playing/pretend that we are both long term friends.
    The problem is, that most of the time, with my long term friends I DO things. I dont talk that much. And most important,
    I dont try to get to know them better because I already know them very well. That's how I minimized my options of things to write for myself. lol
    "Playing" friends also put out the sexual component and the tension. Because "we are just friends".

    So that's why I decided to put that behaviour off and go straight with Crissco’s Online Method of Seduction and also get comfortable with the frame that I talk to her with some fucking agenda.
    I already got a number with first try. I just made shure to mechanically use the algorithmn. Wich sounds nerdy, but a lot of pua terms do also lol. However I was suprised that these questions like "what the best expirience from your youth that you remember" or "if you won the lottery what would you do"

    Cheers, what you think?

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    To be honest, I used to follow 'methods' and 'advice' religiously -- but they all miss a lot of things. Who you are, and who your targets are. You think Tom Cruise would have the same optimal strategy as you would in terms of openers? Okay that's extreme, but take an intellectual guy vs. a big muscle hulk vs. artistic type (in the pictures) and whoever target. Shit varies.

    I think the 'pretend you know her' -- means primarily to be comfortable, avoid interview questions. Although really, those are fine -- like what TV shows are you watching, what did you do this weekend. Largely your profile + pictures should be doing the bulk of the heavy lifting. Once you have that and the right target, the girl basically wants to like you + have sex with you, you don't need to be Mr. Constant Entertainment on the exchange.

    I think girls like the following in conversation: 1. Authentic. 2. Low effort/ easy for her to talk 3. Somewhat original but eh 4. No highly male topics

    Your best experience + lottery questions are fine, but they are HIGH EFFORT. Really if a smoking hot girl sent me those, I'd be like ... sigh. Who cares. She's going to get to know me but what I'd do with millions of dollars? I'd buy a nice car and house and material goods like 90% of people out there, yay vapid me.

    I've had good success with 'if you could travel anywhere, where would you go?' -- because it doesn't require that much thought, or effort. You can respond in one or two words if you wanted.

    But that's not the opener, that's fluff. The opener? Honestly? I just compliment the woman. A light compliment that isn't a big deal, like "you have nice eyes! " (but not as cliche as that).

    I figure if your profile looks good, open with something that activates a twinge of emotion. In my case, statement that I like her (and implying that yes, I'd like to plow her). That at least causes some, if minimal, "drama" for her to react to.

    The alternative is usually: Intellectual question (oh yay, I have to answer a question and do the bulk of the work to get this convo started) ... completely lame (hey, sup) ... or creeptacular (nice tits, wanna suck on this? etc).

    But yeah, interesting method, I'll have to look into that.