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Best app/ sites in general? Best paid features?

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  • Best app/ sites in general? Best paid features?

    I'll try to keep this non-spammy. Meh. But I feel like, part of the fishing experience is ... what lake are you fishing in.

    I mean, same thing happens with bars, for sure. I've been in some bars where I get a handjob on the dancefloor like 20% of nights I'm there (freak show, high girl to guy ratio). There are other frat bro bars where Jesus himself could barely get a wink from a fatty.

    Well anyway, wanted to discuss what you guys found to be the best dating sites to work with. I've parted ways with 2 FBs recently and am completely single and ready for a new blitz. And the online sites have been paying off a lot more than the bars lately, so eh.

    I'll start with my basic experiences -- and for context I'll list my age. 29, white guy, in Chicago.

    Tinder .... the 'ole standby for most millenials. Currently? I've fucked hot women off here of course, but ... well it's heavily luck based and requires HUGE numbers and effort. Jesus. Since I blindly swipe out of necessity, half my time is wading through fatties (can't really tell right away). Also, they changed their algorithms in the 2-3 years I've been using it or something. Now it pretty much requires to have a premium membership to get anywhere, by design. Talk about "pay to win" experience. I wouldn't be surprised if 30%-40% of the total males on Tinder have the premium and think they are 'getting ahead' or in rarified air -- the normies are utterly in the dust. I'd say 95% of my matches come from the 30 minutes a week I spend swiping 4,000 profiles during boost. Tinder = United airlines. Make the 'regular' experience suddenly 'regular premium' pricing, and make the cheapo option complete garbage. The old switcheroo. Still, really the dating app that is King right now in terms of usage, I think.

    Bumble -- I don't know. For me personally? I just find the matches a lot more homelier, by far, in general. I had a date or two off there, but the girls were ... woof. I'm not sure who the app is catering to, with girls messaging first. Whatever is it, that system doesn't work out for me.

    Coffee Meets Bagel --- I like this one a lot. Works especially great if you like Asians, they are all over that app for some reason. I feel like when you're a 'new user' you get a lot more action. That or is just rewards convos and punishing matching with people you don't really like. Basically it gives you 20 profiles a day to match (as a male) then feeds them to women to choose from. Compare that to Tinder where each woman probably has a queue of multi-thousands. Result? Say goodbye to swiping 1,000 profiles, thank christ. I've fucked girls off here. Mostly Asian. That's okay by me. Haven't tried the premium, it's like $20-$25 a month which is a complete ripoff for minimal benefit. --- you basically have to pay for this 'website/ app' to use it. I don't know. I never had much luck with this one. The 'hunting' interface is really hard, and you have to send a message first. I personally never got much interest off it, at all. Maybe I was aiming too high, or who knows. Maybe I need to revamp photos or tactics, but the other apps were basically the same photos/ strategy, so eh. Just seemed like high effort, low return (or no return for me personally) on this one.

    So for me personally, for getting ass I find it's basically Tinder premium (w/ high effort) > CMB free (but requires low effort) > Bumble (less quality) > Match (didn't work out)

    Anyone else find an app that's basically a gold mine? I think CMB is a lesser known one that provides decent value. They try to rope you into spending $$$ but I haven't spent a dime on it. This is a smaller board so I don't think we're at risk at blowing up an app and making it shittier.

  • #2 is pretty good too man. Just like tinder.


    • #3
      I'll talk about my experience in SP-BR - South America.
      * Never paid for apps.
      Scale from 1-10:

      quality of chicks: 8
      quantity of chicks: 10
      how easy to match with young chicks: 6

      quality of chicks: 6
      quantity of chicks: 8
      how easy to match with young chicks: 9

      quality of chicks: 5
      quantity of chicks: 3
      ​​​​​​​how easy to match with young chicks: 1

      quality of chicks: 9
      quantity of chicks: 8
      ​​​​​​​how easy to match with young chicks: 4

      Ok Stupid
      quality of chicks: 7
      quantity of chicks: 6
      ​​​​​​​how easy to match with young chicks: 5

      Badoo: sucks, don't use it here

      Lovoo: sucks, don't use it here

      Match: apparently sucks too, but I've never tried it for a long time to be sure

      Never did Coffee Meets Bagel