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    Man this board seems dead, don't it?

    Anyway --- I think convo threads are misleading because your pics/ situation do 90% of the lifting in my view.

    I just came back from Russia where my Tinder app basically exploded with 1000+ girls. Yes it was mostly because I was American. There were so many girls I basically (from necessity) used 'Frequent Phrases' on Tinder for the first time, and went through the same script every time, which worked 90% of the time. I had too because there were TOO MANY girls.

    Me: (Russian hello) - you're cute

    Girl: blah blah thanks

    Me: Are you from St. Pete? How do you like it?

    Girl: haha blah blah blah

    Me: Cool yeah me too/ oh that's too bad, you're honest! haha.
    So what do you do for fun around here? Drink beer? (joke in Russian -- in Peter we pete (drink))

    Girl: Yes/ No beer haha

    Me: So when can I see your sweet face? Maybe we can walk and talk sometime

    Girl: haha usually yes

    Me: Add me on WhatsApp (my number)

    There you go.

    In America? Too many land whales. Holy shit. Seriously. 100x more land whales than Russia. Nevertheless, Text Game is overrated.

    If you match with a hot girl, your pics/ profile is doing 90% of the work and decision making for her. Your job in text game is to simply NOT FUCK UP.

    How so? A few guiding principles:

    1. You have to banter for at least 3-4 messages before pitching a meet. To not seem like a horn-dog. And like she's totally unique and you're "getting to know her." Hence my "script." In America, you definitely need to be a bit funnier, but meh. I mean my Russian lines were lifeless, because ... I was the "hot guy" there. I had to do zippo work.

    2. Don't be crass right away like 'nice titties' - maybe needless to say, but perhaps not.

    3. Actually respond to her key phrases to make it not seem like a script. If she says she saw her dog today, mention the dog.

    4. Get her off the fucking Tinder and meeting in person ASAP. Because if she likes you, she'll meet. The rest are validation whores/ time wasters. In my experience, you shouldn't be 'building attraction' over Tinder Text. One, your pics do that. Two, it's 10x easier in person. Three, too many time-wasters. Next question.