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Game is improving but my online game kinda got worse

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  • Game is improving but my online game kinda got worse

    IDK what happened, a couple years ago I was pulling hot girls online and now, not much action.

    Here's one excerpt after getting a girl from Tinder to SMS:

    Hi you
    feel like getting coffee?
    I'm tempted .. tonight is tough
    How about tomorrow

    no pressure...itd be fun tho...but too much fun is bad 4 me
    Too much fun is never bad
    too much fun is bound to get me in trouble...esp if I tie u up...tho dominance is fun too
    *sends sexy pic*
    Please do

    whatever you're doing sounds like trouble
    I'm sorry sweetie. Yes, I'm slightly complicated. I'm not single but do not have an intimate relationship. I have been given the opportunity to seek satisfaction. I'm also a mother. My profile was clear of my intentions
    that's wonderful, I like making new friends with an emphasis on casual
    sometimes I like threesomes w another guy because u can kinda split the girl and see how insanely turned on she is by being the center of all that lust and attention
    Loved “sometimes I like threesomes w another guy because u can kinda split the girl and see how insanely turned on she is by being the center of all that lust and attention”
    Stop! You are turning me on .. will be using my soon!!

    those are wonderful little things to play many things you can do with both those and a real one...
    Yes .. soo many. I prefer the real
    *next night*
    Laying in bed listening to music
    you want some company?
    Silly u .. why didn't you get back to me earlier in the evening

    This might have potential but apart from this I've had a bunch of short convos that go nowhere and girls always trying to schedule another time.

    My pics are good, I get a fair amt of matches. I'm pretty damn confident I can lay these girls if we meet up, which kinda makes it more frustrating if they don't want to.

    It's either "hey wanna meet up?" then ignore them if they say anything other than yes, OR long convos that go nowhere. I don't know how to calibrate.

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    Lol, why did you ... (facepalms)

    Lol dude...

    You do know state changes right? It doesn't carry over from text to text?
    So you cant always do a wyd want some company? booty call and expect the green light

    Aim for logistics being clear, and let her do the heavy lifting of horniness etc
    And just be there to participate and help out

    Its like moving a couch down some stairs, shes going to go do it by herself cuz shes determined, but you know shell get crushed if she does it alone so you put the chips aside and help her a bit after a few jokes, then half way down you take a break for a few jokes n shit so she can rest her arms, then you help her take it the rest of the way down, and then you both fuck on the couch :P

    My point is this... here you joked... good
    But as she moves the couch you are like "is it at the bottom yet"
    And she is liike "fuck no it isnt at the bottom yet wtf are you expecting? dumbass"

    Derp it takes time to get that couch down, and if YOU arent helping her, who is?
    Cuz that guy is the one getting laid I think, lol

    Instead of a preemptive booty call right after the initial flirt, do some helpful gestures to leverage your way into her "helping her move the couch"
    Where helping her move the couch is, organise her chaotic life a bit and find a harmonious way to meet up
    You gotta help with the haaaarmony man, otherwise you will get caught up with the rest of the junk in her chaos basket

    Basically, I just "feel her"
    And I wait for that feeling that she is giving me or something like me a thought, then I pop up with a comment I think shell find interesting
    This adds that feeling of serendipity that goes along with harmony
    And helps her move her couch

    So instead of wyd wanna bang
    Be like "I sense a disturbance in the force" "your chaotic life has taken over :P"
    (joking half way) tho dont say that exactly, not sure if itd land, its just an example
    This tests her but also grants her relief and allows you to leverage yourself into helping a bit

    Then laaaater you can be like, "hows about a drink to salute xyz"
    Shell be like "yeah damn good idea, fuk it why not"
    And once you meet and there is chemistry, bounce, and have fun

    Thats that


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      I kinda understand what you're saying but I'm not sure how to apply it practically. could you simplify a bit or give a few more examples?

      edit: i think this all stems from me being impatient and waiting to meet up, i need a better frame for apps/sms


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        So she said she wanted some D the first night (“I prefer the real...”) and then you dropped the convo lol

        what Cosy is saying is that you gotta boil the frog

        you had her boiled, turned off the stove and then went back the next day like “why isn’t the water still boiling and where did my frog go??”