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Tinder, Bumble, OKC in Germany

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  • Tinder, Bumble, OKC in Germany

    In the last few years, I met women mainly at the beach, at social gatherings (private views, concerts, parties, dinners, networking events…) and through online "dating" apps (Okc, Tinder, Bumble).

    Recently, I moved away from the UK, to a city in Germany to stay for a while and work on a project. Naturally I don’t have a social circle yet and unfortunately there isn’t a lot of spare time. The plan was to do more online "dating" here. In the UK, this was good fun, I matched with more women than I could meet in person and even though I met a nutcase here and there, the overall experience was positive. In Germany this has been really different:

    Okc doesn’t seem to be popular. The number of profiles is quite small and many of them are so that I don’t really want to make contact: No profile text and bad photo or fat/ugly woman.

    Bumble is even less popular. Three matches in a month, all Asian. Two were gold-diggers, one too shy to exchange numbers or meet up in person.

    Tinder is the biggest let down. Many women use the app. I had a few matches, not many. One lead to a meeting with a woman who turned out to be far less attractive and far more uptight than her profile and our chat did suggest. The other matches had a suspiciously high number of passive aggressive, plain rude and borderline schizophrenic behaviour. Only one match seemed interesting. She even sent me her number, but then said it was dangerous for her to meet me, as she might become emotionally involved. I sent her two texts, but she never replied.

    I hope and am almost certain that my experience is not representative of women in general here. Online/mobile "dating" in Germany seems to be for a certain type of woman. Quite often I could sense desperation, frustration and bitterness; usually hidden behind a layer of entitlement and a long "shopping list".

    I will have to come up with a different plan to meet women while in Germany; "dating" apps seem to be a waste of time here.

    Did others have similar experiences?

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    Yea iirc, germans use LOVOO and Badoo. Especially girls seem to prefer those over Tinder now, leading to shitty m/f ratio on tinder.

    M/F dating app ownership data summer 2017


    • Delenclos


      Editing a comment
      Cheers. Lovoo and Badoo is as useless here as it is in the UK. I heard that an app called Spotted was popular in Germany. It is a bit like Happn. Let’s see.

      An other month like this and I will ask the admin to set my status to Rookie.

      There is a good article about online dating in the Economist (10.08.2018). They mention that Germans comparatively lagging behind in the use of online/mobile dating. Now it’s official.