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How to increase results by maxing out appearance in pictures for instagram, facebook and online dating

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  • How to increase results by maxing out appearance in pictures for instagram, facebook and online dating

    Hey guys as you know i am an old fart and if you follow my stuff i have advised for years to keep your life as mystery (the less she know the better was my approach so she can project on to you her fantasies)

    Obviously millennials and times have changed, So now that my style is tops i want to amp. my afc, disgusting, embarrassing presence in social media (loserville is a compliment).... so now i am working on this..

    Ok so i got some GOAL FOR YOU GUYS... (i do all the hard work and bring you guys stuff in a silver platter after week, months years of trial and error, reading supposedly gurus that recommend getting professional pics (don't do this please waste of money)

    As you know ONLINE/Instagram is heavily PICTURE INTENSIVE... So here are my tips which is what all women and feminine gay guys do:

    -The most important one is to take your pics using snapchat, the reason is snapchat has the sofwared camara filter inside the equivalent of samsong 50 and iphone 50 (exagerating to make a point)

    -Best time for pics is day time outside with sun out but you in the shadow

    -i just ordered this device to take pics inside (huge) cause lightning again is number 1

    Then i recommend you guys to learn how to use Facetune, from facetune this are the most importat tutorials to learn it fast: (extremely no homo, yes homo)

    if you want even next level professional shit vsco and in pinterest yo can look for vsco themes (and tells you exactly dimensions of pics you see in pinterest that used vsco).... here is the tutorial:

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    Interesting with the face contouring software. Have to try that, saw several mention that they work.
    Really, snap? Ive seen snaps look a bit better if lighting is extremely poor.

    Light DIRECTION matters - nice idea with the circular light. Light QUALITY/STRENGTH matters much less ime. Some of my most successful pics had PISS POOR lighting. I think the notion comes from pro photographers talking so much about light in regard to making quality photos. But we are not making quality photos. We are making photos that suggest the person in photo is attractive. Hugely different thing! So avoid most 'pro photographer' type advice.)

    Same goes for overall sharpness/quality of photo, so no issues taking frames from a vid recording imo. (ref: Profile Photo / Picture Creative Method & Ideas DIY (online dating, tinder, badoo, okcupid etc.))