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Annoying repeating behavior

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  • Annoying repeating behavior

    I talk to some girls, which they ask for a kind of reward in order to meet me. A phone card, or something else. Some of them ask for this from the beginning and some other girls after a few days after the first contact through Messenger. They usually admit that they like me and they want to meet but they always ask for a financial reward in return.
    One of them said: "Buy me a phone card because I don't have enough credits to call you" . I replied "give me your phone number and I will call you". Then she usually refuses to give me her number or she gives it asking for a phone card.
    ​​​If I keep refusing they usually say that "you are kidding me".
    ​​​​​​A couple of weeks ago I met Girl1 who wanted phone sex and wanted to meet me in case I travel to her place one day. Again, Girl1 asked for a phone card after a couple of days.
    One day I met Girl2 online who said "If you want to meet me buy me a phone card. If you buy it I promise to meet you". I refused and Girl2 blocked me.
    It is so annoying that it happens 99 percent of the times-the financial reward problem...
    Which of them should I next or deal with them in a different way?

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    Serious question: Do you live in an impoverished country?


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      Originally posted by Voyagerrrrr View Post
      Serious question: Do you live in an impoverished country?
      What do you mean by impoverished? Poor or something else?


      • Voyagerrrrr


        Editing a comment
        Impoverished, as in, there is so little money available and so few resources that can be allocated to people by the government, that most women are more concerned about their next meal, for fear of starving, than they are with getting good dick.

        See: Venezuela, Tajikistan, Ethiopia, Haiti, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Uzbekistan, Mozambique....