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LOL, what happened to online game?!?

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  • LOL, what happened to online game?!?

    I haven't really done any online game for several years now. Back when I used to do I started calling it "sex on demand" because of how easy and efficient it was to get laid from places like OKC, POF, and Tinder.

    Fast forward to now and..... *crickets*

    The last four years I have essentially just been picking up women from my vast social circle and day game. I tend to keep a rotation of 3 - 4 girls instead of sleeping with randoms all the time so I really haven't had a need to use online game. Now I'm in a new city and seriously busy with business stuff so I figured I would jump back onto OKC and POF. Using the same tried and true opener as before, same profile, and three very good pics (all have an 8+ rating on photofeeler), blast out around 300 messages and.... nothing.

    What happened to these sites the last few years?

    EDIT: Now back on Tinder and damn near every other girl is a bot. Guess daygame it is for me :P

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    all these dating sites seem to have an arc where they work well for a while and then get steadily worse. I still do ok on POF, but I donít do spam openers. My response rate does seem to be declining, however.

    Iíve had good luck with Bumble the one time I tried it, and it seems some of the other guys have too.


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      OKC, changed the whole system, now you have to match for the girl to see your messages so if you sent messages then they will not see it.... in okc do the double match or whatever(the swiping stuff) treat it like tinder.....

      Pof, most of the women are really ugly, but the cute ones you need to go to their page, see if they come to your page or match in meet me.....(I like to ping and not mass email, it works for me)

      Bumble, for me is the best with the best quality of women...

      tinder.- the land of 7s, but there are some cute 8s....(for me tinder is the worst)

      You need to be in as many apps as possible and combine with night game or yes day game...

      also instagram and snapchat.

      You need to work as many apps as possible...


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        I used to love Tinder. Im a good looking guy (have done some modeling in the past) so it was also super easy. Now the only matches I get from it are bots and ugly women. I'll give bumble a try.


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          Just deleted Tinder. Not worth the 6.99. Haven't had a decent match in years and I got quite a few lays in the past. Bumble I've had a few more matches with but the quality is cack. Downloaded POF yesterday after speaking with Skills. Got messaged immediately from blatant bots and the replies were also from bots. It's probably the worst app from them all.


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          there are guys getting laid from online, if you guys are not getting laid you need to change strategies... (even sarge got laid)

          anyways you need to be in as many apps as possible preferably free....

          there are a bunch


          • Warped Mindless

            Warped Mindless

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            Strategy: Be hot and get my profile infront of as many womens eyes as possible. Worked years ago (very well) so I'm not sure why it wouldn't work now. I'm using the same tested openers that always worked very well for me before.

            Something is very wrong with these sites/apps when a good looking guy with good looking pics cant get any traction on them anymore.

          • Skills360


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            wraped you can keep thinking is the apps, but i am telling you people still getting laid from the apps..... You can not based results on Okc, who changed from Traditional type site to app like site.... And tinder who is like my space out of favor, most women got out of tinder..........