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Is online dating becoming impossible??????

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    Originally posted by TheProdigy View Post
    Skills360 haven't figured out how to comment ...

    I don't have time for online (or I don't want to have time for online).

    If you like online that's perfectly fine.
    you have 4 options, next to quote is comment... i do not like or dislike online.... i just do not care to go out of my way to minimize people to choose doing online with inaccurate accusation with the posturing goal (i used to do this once too, i realized it was silly)...

    But again i agree with most of what you say anyways( i make those points in my last video btw), i feel silly defending online, when i barely if ever do it.... And you never answered if you watched the jeffy video, i do hope you did...

    also instagram and snapchat are also important, even social circle....(i hate social media but i am trying to learn it cause that is the trend)
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