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Laying girls from video games?

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  • Laying girls from video games?

    First off, keep an open mind and reserve your judgments for after you've read it. I know the typical generic responses already. I just wanted to point out this alternative / option for those who may need a safe stepping stone, or for someone in my situation, who is physically injured and stuck mostly in bed, but also, enjoy a lot of time on video games.

    Next note: I can get laid in-person and from cold approach. I don't post on this forum much, but I am from a private forum, which some of you are aware of vaguely. Also, I was an original poster on mASF from 2007-2008 when I was a virgin. Some of you may remember me. "LikeTheWind", a virgin at 16 or 17 years old who never kissed a girl. I've changed a lot, but not enough.

    However, to note, I am quitting video games soon, or I already did. But, don't let this discourage you if you are one of those who may need or want to try this out. Also, this can simply be a fun experiment for some of you. Many people play video games.

    I've so far only laid 1 girl from an online video game, World Of Warcraft (what what!!). Almost laid a second. Had several send nudes and webcam masturbate for me, but physical distance is a huge issue, unless you have the money to travel and bang these girls, or they can travel to you, or some half-way point.

    - Kill 2 birds with 1 stone, if you are genuinely playing video games for fun, and you can simply flirt with girls on these video games.
    - No real wasted time, unless you decide to.
    - One warning, if you're playing video games a lot, you're probably more vulnerable than you normally are, if you're playing excessively. Avoid getting attached.
    - Stick to Franco's Neediness Management post, and follow those rules at all times.

    - Statistical waste of time, if this is remotely a primary goal for you to be playing video games.
    - You need to develop an effective method for many steps, this is completely new territory.
    - I'm still tweaking my method right now. I can with 99% validity tell whether someone is a girl or not, and quite accurately discern if they're within my age range.
    - And initiating contact and trading contact info without seeming like a sleazeball, took some time to tweak.
    - Lower quality girls, BY FAR.
    - Probably red flags are multiplied like hell.
    - For the most part, normal attractive girls don't live an online video game / computer game lifestyle.
    - The girl's age...
    - Their distance...

    Anyways, thoughts on this?

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    Originally posted by Water View Post
    - Lower quality girls, BY FAR.



    • Water


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    video games and online stutff sounds like an excuse to avoid real life, the thing missing from this online gaming (dont cry now water and run away) is you miss out on social skills that help in ALL SETTINGS not just seducing the girl , lets leave the online crap behind ( I say this as a hardcore fgc gamer)


    • SargeMaximus


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      I agree wholeheartedly despite only doing online game. I’m well aware i need to improve my social skills.

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    I apparently don't know how to block people on here lol. But I agree man. The issue for me is that I'm physically injured so I spend a lot of time at home for necessary reasons. Until I recover, I'm dicking around with games.

    And normal online game as well, which definitely yields results.

    Definitely NEVER choose to try video games to lay girls over real life lol. For amusement maybe, or if you have to (injury, lack of money, etc.), but it's an enormous amount of time for a small yield. 100x more effective for in-person approaches.

    It is definitely an excuse, I have tons of excuses. Even prior to my injury. Even when I did do approaches, I could have always done more. My goal was to do approaches in my regular every day life. I managed that a bit, and still do. I don't go out to "sarge", as I couldn't stand it very long physically.

    And interesting, isolation kills your social skills. So, another downside to video games for this. If you're already playing, then it can yield maybe..... I can't do it consistently and I play a shit-ton.

    What's fgc? Can you see my post Grod? Making sure I don't have to find an "unblock" thing, as I don't think I even blocked you in the first place lol.


    • Grodmeister General
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      fighting game community i play a lotta marvel vs capcom 3 ...(mk ,killer instinct street fighter etc) i can see the parallel in that game and pickup

    • Grodmeister General
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      for example lotta newbie fgc players learn the not so complex characters and win right away (direct gamers ,and nlp ers) im learning magneto (hard as fuck to do his combos and play neutral but his options are waaay more than the b tier straight forward characters (3sr mstery method stuff) yes the learning curve is steeper but the options with magneto are endless(can plink dash 8 way dash tridash for best high low mixups in the game can zone does insane damage etc ) while a wesker ( is easier does not have all those options magneto has!