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TRAVEL! Setting yourself up for a good time using online dating?

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  • TRAVEL! Setting yourself up for a good time using online dating?

    Hey heroes,
    I'm British and have been living in my home city for the past 3 years, but I'm travelling out to Oregon and Seattle in the USA at the end of October for a few weeks. Naturally, I'm looking to meet as many women as possible while there and use my British attributes to my advantage. I figure it can't hurt to lay the ground work by putting out the feelers through OKC and POF in the weeks before my trip.

    I'd be delighted to hear your thoughts on any of this, especially since I know some of you are pretty well travelled yourselves.

    How do I use these resources to maximum effect?


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    I haven't used online to setup meets ahead of time myself but being from out of town is like a giant "fuck me" sign floating over your head. Some of my favorite memories occured while travelling on business. I remember watching my co-workers jaws drop when I picked up a local at this hip bar in Fort Lauderdale and spent the rest of the 3 day trip working her over in my hotel room and ordering room service on the company tab.

    You're british and you are right that American women will give you an immediate pass. I'd focus on just spending some time out and keeping a good frame. You'll have no issues and won't be concerned about your emails or online profile.

    my 2c.

    I just realized this trip may have already come and gone. Care to update us?


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      I'd say don't put much effort into this, and if you do just hit up the hottest girls. I'm too lazy to check myself, but I would imagine with the Pacific NW being feminist hotbeds with mediocre looking girls (on average), you're not going to find that much quality online. You'd be better off using your exotic appeal with girls in person (who will be generally better looking than online) using night/daygame IMO.


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        I can't comment on this from personal experience, but it's a favorite topic of Roosh V, whose blog you might want to check out. He has a lot to say about this.