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Crissco’s Online Method of Seduction - From the computer to the bed room.

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  • Crissco’s Online Method of Seduction - From the computer to the bed room.

    Crissco’s Online Method of Seduction - From the computer to the bed room.

    Part 1 – From the computer to the phone

    1. Introduction
    2. The Direct Opener
    3. Ask her about her(Info to use later)
    4. Get her imagination going
    5. Make her validate her self to you
    6. Go in for the number kill

    Part 2 – From the phone to the bedroom

    1. The text. 1.5 – The mass texts
    2. The call
    3. The “Hangout”
    4. The date (optional)
    5. The bedroom method of seduction

    Part 3 – Add ons and troubleshooting

    1. Cougar hunting
    2. Disrespect
    3. Flakes
    4. After sex
    5. Types of dating sites
    6. If she refuses to give you her number
    7. Last minute resistance –LMR

    Part 4 -


    1: Introduction:

    Girls get a lot of messages per day from many different guys, with my different messages, from looks ranging from ugly to model looking, In this part of the ebook im going to explain only the online part of my method of seduction. Later on im going to teach you how to get her from your front door to your bedroom.

    This book is a step by step guide on how to seduce a women from the computer screen to the comfort of your own home.

    2: The Direct opener

    I made a fake profile on Plenty of Fish to see what its really like for girls out there. I was BOMBARDED with messages. One thing stood out though, the quality of the message. All of the messages had the same subject line and the same message body. No one was unique and no one was direct.

    This where we differ and stand out. Girls are on a dating site for a reason, they try to validate to them selfs that there sick of the bar or club scene, and want to find a “nice guy” to settle down with.

    There goes women logic at its finest again. Half of these women are either desperate or an attention whore. Women who wouldn’t think of getting double took twice in the club or a supermarket will get multiple messages a day or even hour online. That in tern inflates there ego. Now back to the direct openers for a minute. With all these messages women get you would think some of them would be unique, and im sure some are, but from what I know most are a simple, whats up, how are you..etc

    There a couple of type of openers you can use here.

    Straight direct – Hey I think your sexy and want to get to know you better.

    Push Pull direct. – I read your profile, and it would never work between us! We would have to much fun together

    Direct – Hey, we don’t know each other and ide like to change that.

    3: Ask her about herself, find out some information to use later on.

    Like most people do. Women love talking about them selfs, use that to your advantage. Find out a little bit about her. At the same time it stokes her ego a little bit. But don’t do it to much or your be put in the LJBF category. Ask her a couple of questions…

    Simple question usually answered with a simple answer:

    What do you do for fun?

    Do you have any unique hobbies?

    Questions to get her imagination going and get her thinking:

    What was your favorite childhood memory?

    What point in your life where you most popular?

    4: Other questions to gets her imagination going.

    I usually include this in the e-mail after she tells me about her self. Most of the time she will ask me to tell her about my self. This is how it should it be done:

    Choose something about fun, unique and adventures to put as your first line.

    I tell girls I have a plan to take over the world, always gets them wondering, some actually think im serious, others ask me if they can be my pinky (Pinky and the brain reference)

    Then I go on to say I like to lift weights, jet ski, go kart, rock climb, anything adventures!!

    Shows the girls that you’re a fun person to be around and doesn’t take life like you have a stick up your ass.

    Next. Ask then a question to get there imagination going. A simple question like: If you had to choose one place in the world to visit where would it be and why?

    Will do really well. For one, it makes them think, two, it gets there imagination going about all the different places in the world and the things you can do in this world. And if she has a response that shows she has no information. Next her and find one that does.

    “A girl without an imagination is a very boring one” – Crissco

    She is most likely going to ask you the same question back, you can answer using trance words. Like if she said. She wants to go to Italy, because of the wine and scenery. You can rephrase that around and say tell a story about Italy and adventures with the beautiful scenery and wine. That helps build up rapport, a connection with the girl, shows that you two are alike.

    Me, I respond in a different way. I say straight up what I want to do. My response usually is: Ide choose Italy by far, ive always wanted to backpack through Europe, take a ferry to Sicily then hop over to Greece to relax!!
    You can get a little more detailed if you’de like to get her imagination going more, but something simple will work. Remember the goal here is to get her number a quick as possible.

    5: Make her validate you

    Then I follow up with another question. To make her vailidate her self to you. A girl who validates her self to you makes her think to her self, wow I must really like this girl since im opening up this much already, I must really trust him

    In the same e-mail as your adventures through Europe. Ask her to tell you what makes her different then everyone else in the world.

    I think that questions is just as important, if not more important then your opener her. It shows her that your not like everyother guy that just wants her because of her looks, it shows her you are different. Asking her what makes her different then everyone else shows your no going to take crap from her and be her doormat, because you want to know what she has going besides her looks.

    6: Going in for the number kill

    Once she validates her self to you the rest is very simple. The number is basically put on a silver platter from here.

    In her e-mail to you she I most likely going to say shes different then most girls….etc

    Tell her what she wants to hear in your next e-mail..

    Tell her: (Name) That’s exactly what I wanted to hear, and I like your honesty a lot. Lets make this easier shoot me your number and ill shoot you a text.

    Notice I said text not call. The reason for this is because you have to use technology to your advantage and it gives you more time to talk in the long run, especially if shes out and doesn’t have time to talk on the phone.

    There are times where talking on the phone is necessity though but I will get to that a little later on.

    Part 2.

    You made it!! Pat your self on the back and get a class of wine because you are one step closer to get into this girls pants.

    You are now at the make or break it part of your seduction journey.

    1. The Text

    You can start this off by many ways, ill give you some examples first:

    Hey. Its (Username or name) from ….dating site.

    To boring right?

    Exactly. Lets spice it up a little bit now..

    Hey!! (Name) Its your favorite superhero (funny superhero name) from (dating site) who just took over another county with his bare hands!!

    That one usually gets her to laugh.

    Te goal of the text is to get her to hang out as soon as possible. IF all else fails plan a date no latter then 2-3 days in advance.

    After your text opener transition into more of a casual conversation about her hobbies. If you remember a hobby like playing pool or bowling that she liked to do, bring that up in the conversation.

    Next, ask her what type of trouble shes getting into tonight. If she says nothing, tell her to come and hang out. Notice I said tell her, not ask her, because if you ask her the chance of her saying no is a lot higher then demanding it.

    If she says yes to hanging out and going on a date, skip the next two sections and go right to step number 4. The date.

    1.5 The Mass Text

    Once you aquired a decent amount of numbers over a period of time this is where mass texting comes in. You want to get laid tonight, not a problem. Text multiple girls(Which you should always be doing anyway) to come and hang out that night. One of them has to agree to hang out, and when she does just follow the steps to your same night lay

    2. The call.

    There are certain times in your seduction journey that texting just doesn’t work, you either didn’t build enough comfort yet and its just too soon in general.

    This is where calling comes in. Its always more pleasant to hear who you are talking to, and to show to them you’re a normal person and have a voice through all those texts and e-mails.

    When it comes to phone calls keep them short, under 10 minutes. Plan the date talk for a little longer then get off the phone and plan your next step of the journey.

    Some advice I can give you is before you pick up the phone to call, know what your going to say as your first line, I suggest making it a funny line or witty statement about something you two talked about in the past, then play off of that at some point during the conversation

    A couple of reasons for calling.

    1. Not enough rapport was built through texting
    2. The build up rapport at a rapid pace.
    3. To know that the person you are talking to is really them (Hey you never know)

    Key points to remember:

    1. Keep the calls short, under 10 mintues
    2. Plan ahead before calling
    3. Be, calm, cool and collective throught the phone call
    4. Remember, smile!! Yes people can sense that even over the phone

    3. The “Hang out”

    This only applies to the girls that agreed to come over your house. Short but sweet here a couple of pointers:

    1. Keep your house clean, doesn’t have to be neat freak clean but presentable.
    2. Keep a prop in your house that you can use when you run out of stuff to say.Ex- A picture of your baby cousin to show her to show you have a “sweet” side.
    3. When you bring her to your seduction location make it seem natural, like your showing her where the bathroom is.

    4. The Date

    A lot of PUAs out there don’t believe in dating and believe it should only be used after you and the girl had sex as a reward. Theres a lot of truth to that statement and some false.

    The truth is, yes you should use a date after you had sex with the girl as a reward, but theres a couple of problems to that.

    1. The girl isn’t comfortable coming over to your place on the first meet, so meet her in a public location where you both can go on a date.
    2. Your sick of having sex and going through the motions with the girl and want to get back in the dating game again to spice up your own life and have a little fun.

    Out of those two. Number two is what you should be aiming for.

    Always try to close that same night but well talk more about that later on.

    Paying: You see it all the time, guy and girl go on a date, guy payes for her drink and her meal, guy trys to contact girl, girl is no where to be found.

    Very typical scenario in the dating world these days. One way to bypass that is.

    1. Your out on a date and its time to grab the check for dinner or bowling or wherever you choose to go. Leave the check between you two and don’t touch it, watch her movement to see if she goes for the purse to pay, if she does, say no don’t worry about it, ill pay. 99% of the time there going to want to pay, you can either let her pay or split it. If she doesn’t go for her purse and its awkward silences shes expecting you to pay for a free meal. I suggest getting away from this type of girl, there just hassels in the end.

    4.5 Getting her from the date to your bedroom

    This is where the magic comes in. Getting the girl from the date to your bedroom….

    A couple of different tactics you can use to pull this off.

    **Before I tell you though, you can use every tactic in the book but the truth is if a girl wants to fuck you enough, she will find a way**

    Tactics to get a girl from the date to the bed:

    1. Leave a prop in your house, ex..The picture of your baby cousion, mention that during the date and on the ride home tell her you have the picture that you want to show her, then take her and lead her into the house from the car, show her the picture, then (Go to section 5)
    2. Have her pick you up, tell her your cars in the shop so shes forced to drop you off and your house and when your at the house use tactic one.
    3. Drink a lot of liquids on the date so she has to use the bathroom, while using tactic 2 have her drop you off and by the time you get to your place shes going to ask to use your bathroom, that’s where you suggest since you are here already, tell her to stay hang out and watch a movie.
    4. If you have a backyard this is perfect, on the date tell her. “After this, lets go hang out in my backyard, I have an awesome set up!!” The backyard is perfect because its non threatening, plus when you two starting making out in the backyard, it has the aura of “its possible to get caught” Women love doing those type of things.

    5. The Bedroom method of Seduction

    The moment where most guys fail is this area, they have the girl in the room, but has no idea what do with here. This is where I step in and give you a step by step guide on how to seduce the girl right out of her underwear!

    This is gong to be a step by step process, Im going to guide you from the walk through the front door all the way to sex. Follow these steps and you have a VERY high chance of getting laid.

    A couple of things to remember:
    1. If shes coming instead, she most likely knows the deal. No need to go overboard on things, a little here and there will do the trick in these cases.

    2.Give her a little tour of the house or apartment, show her where the bathroom is, so if she needs to go, let her go by herself, since she knows where it is, it shows that you trust her in your home, that builds up instant rapport

    On to the method of seduction:

    Your both walk through the front door, you have the girl in your house, your giving her a tour of your house, you bring her to your bedroom, you sit on the bed, she sits on the chair……What do you do?

    A couple of things:

    1. Keep the fluff talk going
    2. Put on a movie for you two
    3. Show her your prop in your room to ger her standing again

    Or you can combine all three of those. Personally ide put on a movie while talking, then before the movie starts show her the prop in your room.

    Once the movie starts tell her to come sit on the bed with you, then say something along the lines..”You can get comfortable hun, take off your shoes, relax!”

    She is most likely going to take off her shoes and sit back…This is where you sit next to her, talk for a little more, and make sure you physically touch her during these situations (Which you should have been doing since the beginning)

    Next. Go lay back on ur bed and tell her to come lay down with you. Shell most likely come lay down and cuddle up next to you.

    *If she feels uncomfortable offer her a massage, I have never ever been turned down offering a woman a massage*

    This is where the kino kicks in, massage her, run your fingertips along her body, and keep lifting up her shirt telling her its getting in the way, remember if shes in your room, she wont stop you from doing that.
    Keep pouring on the kino, tickle her a bit. Keep running your fingertips along side her, massage all over he legs, neck, back shoulders, arms, until you start to feel her getting turned on. One that happens start kissing her back, her neck, turn her head around then go in for the kiss on the lips….

    If she doesn’t resist and lays down next to you that makes it all the most easier, when she lays down next to you, put your hands on her thigh, keep it there, if she lets you, your in.

    Rub your hands along her thights for abit, move up to her stomach, run your hands along her stomach, From here on you know your in. Then from there move in closer to her mouth then kiss her.

    While making out keep rubbing her thighs, move up to her stomach, basically rub her all over, keep moving closer and closer to her pussy with your hands. Remember its hard for some girls to get stimulated through the pants. So I can up with another slick trick that I do:

    When making out with a girl I get between her legs, make out with her and let my boner rub poke her through out pants, shows my sexual intrest, and you can also make a fucking motion to stimulate sex. What this does is implant sex in her mind so it makes her feel natural to have sex with you that night.

    While in that position start pulling her shirt up then pull it off completely, have her also take your shirt off(That’s if she hasn’t done it already for you).

    A word of advice, keep as many article of clothes on as possible to prevent a state break. The reason I told you to take her shirt off is to get her warned up to know whats going to come next…

    Before you take her pants off, rub your fingers right above the pants lineing a couple of times, slowly stick your hands down her pants and start rubbing her clit

    **If she resists back off, pull back a bit, continue to make out then try again a little later on once more sexual rapport is built**

    Keep rubbing her clit for a while, soft, then harder, keep switching it up. Then start fingering her, then back to rubbing her clit…keep switching areas for a bit

    At this point if she seems horny enough you can get her pants off.

    For jeans – Unbuton her pants button, un zipper it, then start rubbing her clit again and take her pants off after rubbing her again for a bit.

    For pants without buttons- Start moving her pants lower and lower, inbetween keep rubbing her clit to keep her horny
    **There are points where u both get so horny where you just pull her pants off, and both get completely naked, if that’s case disregard what I said and have fun!!**

    After you get her pants off and shes there in her bran and underwear, your set, from here on I get back between her legs, with my rock hard boner for about 5 seconds I act like im fucking her again through her underwear, this alone gets her very horny. Plus it’s a big tease that keeps her wanting more.

    At this point pull her underwear aside and start rubbing her clit with ur dick, slowing finding the hole and putting the tip in and pulling it. Keep on teasing her, at this point shes dripping wet and wants you so badly she’ll let you do anything u want…Pull her underwear off then go back between her legs while making out with her and rubbing your dick against her clit. Put the tip in again, pull put, do that about 3 times, then insert your dick into her pussy and pound away!!

    *That’s for missionary style, at this point shes most likely willing to do anything, just tell her what do from here on*

    **Remember, sex is more emotional then it is physical, get her emotions going, find a location, get her horny, and your good to go**

    Part 3 – Add ons and trouble shooting

    1- Cougar Hunting

    Like myself, a lot of young men out there like older women. A couple of myths to that is they have more experience and better in bed. While the experience is more then likely true for most older women, them being better in bed is false. Ive had 20 year olds fuck me better then 30-50 year olds.

    Start by gaming the cougars like you would every other girl. There MIGHT be one obstacle that you will into when gaming these women, especially online. That’s the age gap. They will throw shit tests at you about that age, don’t let it phase you, its only a test to see if you will back down or not.

    Theres a couple of ways you can do this

    1. Completely ignore it and go on with your routine
    2. Have a witty comeback for what she said.
    Ex – Your 21, im 43, im way to old for you!!
    You can come back and say something along the lines….Pause for a second… “Ok, ill give you a minute to get over that…Ok now that your over that” Then continue with your routine.

    Or you can fasle disqualify them. Say something along the lines of”You seem like a really cool chick, but you’re a little to old for me”

    A couple of other comebacks:
    Women: Your way to young for me
    You: Oh shut up(playfully) you know you cant resist my youth!!

    Women: Your just to young for me
    You: Yeah your right, I think you may be to old to keep up with me

    Women: How old are you, you look a little young
    You: Old enough to handle you granny

    Women: How old are you, you look little young
    You: Old enough to know age is just a number, young enough not to care

    **Keeps a strong frame and don’t let it fase you one bit, keep a cocky but confident attitude throughout the encounter**

    2 – Disrespect

    Should a women disrespect you, end it with her cleanly and don’t look back, no reason to take disrespect from a women.

    If you want to have a little fun out of it, or get some sex. You can play the Fox Return Game.

    Tell her this “What you said to me (Name) was really disrespectful, I don’t tolerate that, the only way I would take you back I if you do something really nice for me.

    Her: What do you want me to do?

    You:Choose something non sexual, like a handmade gift)


    Should a women flake on you anymore then 2 times, cut her off. That is a sign of disrespect. Give her one shot, because the truth is something really could of happened, a flat tire, got sick, whatever it may be give her the benefit of the doubt once, and reshedule.

    If you feel shes making up an excuse have some fun with it and see whare you can take it:

    Say this:K, your offer exipres at (Pick a time), or it either self destructs, or gets offered to someone else J

    That will get her laughing, show her flakeyness didn’t affect you, and shows her you have other options, those 3 things will get her to open up and possible end up haning out for the night.

    *DON’T respond right away once she flakes, wait about an hour or so before the time you were supposed to hang out**

    4 – After Sex

    I know tons of guys out there who fuck and chuck girls left and right. I believe that is morally wrong and also, who knows when your going to want to hit that chick up again for a fuck a different day

    After we had sex I wait untill 20 min, tell her im getting tired I need sleep, and tell her to text me when she gets home….If I want to hang out with her again I will make a following date to hang out with her later in the week.

    5 – Types of dating sites

    There are tons and tons of dating sites out there, but which one do you choose? A run down of the 3best dating site in my opinion are:

    Plenty of fish: The girls are easy, fast, and most likely on the first night will put out, make sure to wrap it up and go for the hot ones only. There are a lot of overweight girls there so be carefull!!

    Okcupid: One of my favirotes, another free site, but the girls are hotter. Lays are just as easy and a big selection of girls to choose from! A payed dating site, women on match take dating a lot more seriously then Plenty of Fish and Ok cupid. SNLs are def still possible though, since the site is very popular and shown on TV the girls are a little bit hotter on then the other two sites.

    Facebook: While not a dating site, it can be used as a tool to get laid. I have used it numerous times with suscess and even ended up getting a girlfriend off of it. With Facebook, I run the exact routine I do with online dating sites its no different. Keep your profile vague, and have a good main picture.

    6. If she refuses to give you her number

    Theres a couple of things you can here. You can either cut your loses and move to the next girl. Or ask her if she has a facebook(Which is great, because everyone has one now a days).

    In the case she asks for your number you can say:

    1. Im sorry but I already have enough stalkers
    2. Since im a very busy guy, you will most likely end up developing a long lasting relashionship with my answering machiene, give me your number so I will be able to call you when im free

    7. Last Minture Resistence –LMR

    LMR is when your about to have sex and the girl pulls away from you or says something along the lines of “Should we do this?”

    Theres a couple of ways to get past this:

    1.Continue with foreplay then try again later
    2. Pullback just enough that itll make her want you even more. Want her less then she wants you.
    3. Tease her sexally. Rub the tip of your penis on her clit, pull back, do I again, rub your penis around her vagina but not going in. Sexualy tease her the right amount and she’ll be begging for you to fuck her.

    ** All else fails you didn’t build up enough trust in her, or she has sexual hang ups, try again a different day.**

    Conclusion: Remember guys, online dating is a numbers game, out of ever 100 girls you message you may only get 5-10 responses and 2-3 numbers. But think about it this way, you do that in a period of a couple of months, you will have girls lined up out the door and down the block for each day of the week!!!

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    You're a beast. Thanks for taking the time to post this.


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      Nice dude. Thanks for the post.


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        just took your cue and used each of your 3 openers on 7 different women so 21 in total. We'll see what happens.


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          I love you Crissco, because you're the only Sedfast regular I know who successfully uses comfort building through text in order to get SNLs from "normal" chicks.

          We basically have two broad types of online game that we usually talk about here on Sedfast: the BD style, which involves getting dates with "normal" chicks (and banging them on the second date or later), and the Cobi style, which involves screening for "very DTF" chicks and pitching a sex appointment.

          Yours is a great third way, and I wished we discussed that type of game more often.

          PS: Again, IN YOUR FACE text game deniers.


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            Originally posted by Dude909 View Post
            I love you Crissco, because you're the only Sedfast regular I know who successfully uses comfort building through text in order to get SNLs from "normal" chicks.

            We basically have two broad types of online game that we usually talk about here on Sedfast: the BD style, which involves getting dates with "normal" chicks (and banging them on the second date or later), and the Cobi style, which involves screening for "very DTF" chicks and pitching a sex appointment.

            Yours is a great third way, and I wished we discussed that type of game more often.

            PS: Again, IN YOUR FACE text game deniers.
            I always go for the SNL, it has power behind it. Most guys, go out of dates, pay for the girls(Which i agree is right after all said and done)... all that shit. Basically thats supplicating into what the girl wants. I dont do that untill after sex if i actually want to pursue something. Or im just bored in general and want to get out.

            I look at it this way:

            1. Why spend money when u dont have to, thats basically paying for sex. Fuck that.

            2. You gotta improvise, im stuck without a car for the past 2 years. I was forced to figure out a way to get the chicks back to my place/make them pick me up. I created my own system that worked everytime for me.


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              Great job! Many a young soul benefit from this. Reads like a manual (and I don't mean the typos ) Simple, straight, to the point. Kudos!


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                Originally posted by Sase View Post
                Great job! Many a young soul benefit from this. Reads like a manual (and I don't mean the typos ) Simple, straight, to the point. Kudos!
                Yea, dont mind the typos lol..Didnt edit it yet, but im sure everyone can atleast understand it.


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                  Nice. It looks excessive at first glance, but its not that bad really.


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                    Thanks guys, I have this in ebook format also on Amazon - I think i renamed it "How to get the hunnies, without spending the money" Since I did all of this with no money, no job and living with my parents.


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                      Good work my man Crissco and this ebook is just as valid today as when you wrote it!


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                        I like the method, the mindset and lines a lot. I think it helps me go up a level ..


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                          Why so many openers? I normally use just one.


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                            Bump..... This post needs to be at the top of this forum.


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                              This is not full method sir. What to say after the push pull opener?

                              I did 'I read your profile, and it would never work between us! We would have to much fun together'

                              I have had 2 rude response of 'pass' and maybe another said 'who said I want to' and block right after but most others seem postive so far. like 'haha' 'would we now'.

                              Where to go after the opener?

                              I have been sending ' what do you do for fun' as advised above but they seem to drop off then. That seems to not be a strong follow up.

                              Even with my own openers I never had a problem with replies but then they drop off after 1 or two messages. I have no idea what to ask or talk about and non of the old school material in pua archives seems to work- push pull - a couple laughs then drop offf- tried patterns and they are 100% interaction destroyers, tried stuff from routintes manual, old bristol lair, tyler a2 stuff and all worthless on online from my experiments. When I would try and 'be myself' and just general chit chat - also dropoff.

                              Don't really know what to try and maybe just accept it is impossible for me to get laid at all.