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  • Online QT: Pushing for the meet

    Most guys who do online game know this, but there seem to be quite a few newer guys, so I will just reiterate.

    When you have a chick messaging you back and forth, PUSH FOR THE MEET early on. Now, early can vary somewhat. If you are a really good looking guy, I'd say the 3rd message.

    I tend to wait a little longer in order to build some rapport/DHV/interest since my looks are not a selling point. But, still, I generally ask by the 4th or 5th message.

    Here is what will happen: she will either
    1) Say sure, and you then proceed to arrange the meet
    2) She will say "I'm not sure, blah blah blah safety, blah blah, creeps, blah blah, shy blah blah"
    3) She won't answer, and you are sitting there wondering why this cool back-and-forth has suddenly become the Cone of Silence.

    If #1- she is into you. Go for it.
    If #2- She is an attention whore/KJ who has no intention of meeting you. Next.
    If #3- She WAS an attention whore/KJ who has nexted you since you expect her to meet IRL.

    Under NO circumstances should you contact #2 or #3 again. If you do, you are either a douchebag or the online equivalent of an orbiter. While you are trying to get her to meet you ("Hey, why didn't you answer? Let's just meet for drinks." "I'm not a serial killer, honest, we can have a coffee in a public place, you'll feel safe" etc etc), she is being bent over the keyboard and ass-fucked by some guy as they laugh about what a douchebag you are.


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    JetSet, hilarious and true.

    And ironically, once you cut her off, the chance that she will later contact you out of the blue increases exponentially. If and when she does so, just rinse and repeat--push for that meet!

    Here's a tip: any meet is better than planning some elaborate date that falls through. Have a "fall-back date" where you can meet a girl somewhere cool day or night on short notice. A cafe, a bar, an ice cream shop, whatever. Meet her for 30 minutes to show her you're not a psycho and fuck her on the Day 3 (cred. Blackdragon): you still get the same points for the pussy.


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      I don't know if I have serious issues with my online game (I probably do), but that has never, ever worked for me -- I will always get type 3 answers i.e. no answer at all. I need to do some serious comfort building before I can pitch a meet.

      Or maybe this is due to cultural difference? Anyone in London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid or Milan care to comment?


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        Dude- are your meets resulting in lays? If they are, then stick with what works for you. If not then you might as well churn the numbers even more. What I have found is that there are a huge number of attention whores who will suck your time for all your are worth, then LJBF you when you push to meet. This is especially true of hotter women. And if

        You are right though that there are cultural issue. I had a hell of a time getting meets in Romania because there was a little bit of a stigma attached to online. Russia, on the other hand, has a long tradition of personals ads so chicks are very down to meet.


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          LOTS of guys will try this, have a few women instantly vanish, and then assume this method doesn't work.

          Let me re-iterate something I've said before:

          If she vanishes away after being asked for a date, she would have vanished from you later ANYWAY.

          Half of the reason you push for a meet so fast is to flush out the women who are wasting your time (which is a LOT OF THEM online).

          The other half is to strike while the iron is hot, since if you wait to ask a chick, often she will vanish before you get the chance to meet her (for various other reasons in her life) when she would have said yes to a meetup with you.

          I'll repeat my ever-eternal mantra for online game:

          The purpose of online game is to SCHEDULE DATES, not TALK TO CHICKS ONLINE.
          How to have 3 hour meet-to-lays and nonmonogamous relationships with any type of woman:
          The Blackdragon Blog