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PLAYER GUIDE: Section 4. Moving Forward

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    About sexual tension: a great article by Swinggcat from his news letter where he explore the different types of sexual attarction, the passive one and the active one!!


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      Bump! Still need content on Escalation and Sex Talk. I'll write about escalation if nobody else does, although I don't want to be the only contributor so I'll wait as long as I can. I def won't write about Sex Talk. Don't be shy!

      Also, don't just link to posts or articles. I will put the links in an Appendix at some point, but for the guide I want new, original, concise content. When you post a link instead of content, you're saying, "I'm too lazy to help, but I want to FEEL like I'm helpful." Save your links for the appendix.


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        Nice thread! I've been away for awhile so I'm not exactly sure what was in the previous parts, but if it hasn't been done already, I'd like to write a post about how "talking normally to girls" as opposed to "hitting on them" has proven to work pretty well for me. Not sure where I'd write this post, or even if that is something that would belong in the player'a guide. Let me know! - Quit your job. Do cool shit instead!


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          I just realized escalation is something I can write about. Here's something, please feel free to improve/change/edit all you want. I particularly butchered the "escalation of the vibe" part maybe somebody can doctor that.


          Okay, pay attention now, this is important. You know how there are people who say the three most important things in real estate are location, location, and location? Well, the same has been said about seduction and escalation, escalation, and escalation. That is probably an exaggeration (we would have made this guide much shorter if that was accurate), but it illustrates something important: as a seducer, you have got to put on the moves. Sex isn't going to magically conjure itself out of thin air. And although women are going to be compliant and helpful in making it happen, they will in most cases leave the majority of the moves to you. This means you need to know how to escalate the situation towards sex. It's your very own responsibility to get yourself laid!

          Escalation has many components. First of all just be keeping in mind that you must be moving the general situation towards the exchange of bodily fluids. That should structure your mind and actions. You can escalate on the following levels:

          - Verbal: Use words to push the interaction more towards a sexual frame! Tease, toy and banter the hell out of your girl! Don't stay in boring casual conversation, take risks: accuse her of having a dirty mind, misinterpret what she says in a sexual way, or have a frank and open conversation about sexual preferences (more on sex talk later).
          - Kino: This is definitely the most important part of escalation. You want to amp up the physical touch between you and her. This can follow many different sequences, but in general you will have to go from social to sexual gradually. It could be something like this: you touch her arm on a high point of conversation, then you touch her shoulder lightly as to underline something you say, then you grab her arm softly and very lightly carress the inside of her elbow with your thumb while you are teasing her over something silly, then you put your hand on the small of her back as you lead her through a crowded space in the venue, then you run your hand through her hair and carress the back of her neck as you are having a more sexually charged conversation in a more isolated spot, then you kiss her passionately with both hands holding hear head, then you run your hands along her sides and feel her stomach and make her touch your body with her hands, and then you start running your hands along the insides of her thighs as you are making out furiously in the cab, and when you are home you take off her clothes and ... well you see where it is going. At a certain point (when it is clearly sexual), make sure it is mutual and she is touching you as well. You can simply take her hands and put her on your stomach, this will usually work wonders.
          - Logistics: Did you notice how in the above description the guy is leading the girl from a social place to a more isolated place to his home? You want to be doing this as you escalate the situation: escalate the logistics. Bring her to an isolated spot in the venue, maybe take her to a new place where you're the only person she knows, and take her home. You don't need to be verbalizing this, often you can just take her hand and go. The more you argue and discuss the escalation of logistics, the more you will spark her defenses (did we explain ASD yet??) . Instead, you want this to be a smooth flow so she can feel like "it just happened".
          - Vibe: The vibe is what a situation "feels" like. It is composed of the individual moods of participants and their shared experience. You can escalate the vibe using the above, more concrete escalation channels, or really with anything from your facial expressions and body language to changing your inner monologue. In general, the more you feel like "Oooh, something sexy is going to happen", the more you are moving the interaction in the right direction. That feeling will reflect in your vibe and that will escalate the general vibe of the situation. You want feeling of the interaction to go from playful to sexy to horny to wild passionate animal sex.

          So there you have a few ideas. But if you remember one thing from this section, it's this: escalation is key, you have to make it happen. You don't always need to be escalating - in fact we will look at push/pull and the dynamics of the dance in the next section - but as a beginner, you probably aren't escalating near enough, so while you embark on this path you should start out by trying to err on the side of "too much". You've been erring on the side of caution for your entire life, it's time you change that. So when in doubt, escalate.
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            Oh and btw tubs, your "please help on the player's guide" reminder thread would be much more helpful here in General than in that board that I fear nobody is reading
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              Great write up O--! That is exactly how I envision a good newbie guide section should be like: simple and easy to comprehend, covers well the basics. Shit like this can really turn a newbie life around!

              Shall we add at the end:

              - Go for the kill: at one point you simply have to start having sex. The lines are blurry between escalation and foreplay, and between foreplay and sex. They depend on the circumstances (time of the day, alcohol, horniness, etc.) but you will learn to read the cues: body language, heavy breath, moaning. The perfect pace and tempo doesn't exist, so when in doubt, listen to your own horniness! It's usually the best indicator of hers. The important thing to remember is, you are the one supposed to take the lead and make sex happen. Don't ask for it, don't wait for her to tell you, just drop her panties already!
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                Thanks Dude, glad you like it Hehe I'd been wanting to write this up for a week, finally found a free moment to do it!

                I like your part, I think we should add it after the vibe. But I let our head editor take that decision.
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                  Updated! I was trying to figure how to deal with the overlapping sections on Kino, and decided to just leave it for now. There'll be a period of editing at the end anyway.