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PLAYER GUIDE: Section 5. Daygame Specifics

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    Content added. I dropped item 2 and reorganized the whole section to just be location based. Feel free to keep sending content or making other suggestions!


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      Forgot to add, that my instadates are between 30 minutes and an hour (usually one drink each). That's usually how long it takes to build trust, unless she's super horny or something. So don't go for the pull after 5 to 10 minute instadate, that's usually not enough time. Also, use common sense, sometimes a girl will refuse to go to your place, if she says "Sorry, I have plans" then just take her number and arrange a movie date at your place later in the week. If she's not saying she has plans but refuses to go to your place, then just follow her, maybe she'll take you to her place. I messed up a few times by not following girls to their place. You could try saying "Well how about place?" if her excuse sounds like logistics is an issue. Play it by ear and calibration is required here. You will fail a lot if you're new.

      One time I instadated a girl to a grocery store, who I approached on the street direct "Hey you're really attractive" and she smiled and said "Thank you!" turns out she speaks one of my languages so we chatted for 5 minutes, we went to the grocery store because we were both on the way to it. After our shopping I invited her over for a drink and she said "I can't, I have to go home and pack my stuff because I'm moving.", and I just bailed on her without taking her number because I thought she wasn't interested. Looking back I should have said "Ok, let's just go to your place", and if she rejected that THEN I'd get her number and leave.

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        Hey, Tubarao..

        If you're holding a bag, and a girl offers for you to place it next to her on the seat, it is a good sign 99% of the time.
        It's not next to her on the seat, it's on her lap. There's no place left in a seat, and they're not going to put it at their feet (not to make it dirty) so it goes on their lap. Sorry to be anal about it..
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