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PLAYER GUIDE: Section 9. Back at Your Place

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      I would like to mention that not everybody has their on place, some dudes still live at home or live with a woman, so in that case you should not use that as an excuse not to get laid, you can screen for women that have their own place, or you can do it, at the beach, park, isolated location, motel, hotels, car, bathroom etc...

      The key is to make not big deal and frame in a way that minimizes the women feeling of slutiness, the ideal situation is to make it as "it just happened".

      I laid a lot of women while living at home, and now i live with a woman so i have the same logistic problems similar to someone living at home.

      Scotty from gll who taught gll still lives at home. So do not use living at home as an excuse for not getting laid.
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        Still need more guys!


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          Originally posted by Tubarao View Post
          Still need more guys!
          There is a step in my method: "Mandatory: Get some form of kino going, but remember: dont 'escalate' it on your own."

          ...which should maybe be expanded upon, since this is the 'newbie' guide after all... (we hardly consider such 'basics' since they are 'autopilot' after years and years of PU, but I remember working quite hard to on getting it right in the beginning.)

          Also, there is one situation that has not been mentioned yet! What about the times when smoking hot girls come into your home as 'just friends'?? (Unsuited subject for newbie-guide?) ...anyways, regardless of _why_ a girl pops over, the challenge is always the exact same: to get that kino going, so that you can lay her via the steps I described earlier... So here is the 'get the kino going' guide:

          - - - - -

          Super Easy Kino Guide

          There are exactly 2 steps required, for 'getting kino going' (with any girl - even 'just friends' and girls who have boyfriends etc..)

          a) Get next to her, so close that thighs and shoulders are touching. Just do it (!) or provide an excuse like:
          -storing things in all furniture except couch.
          -viewing something on a laptop together. (a long time favorite).
          -room is cold (IT SHOULD BE!!) and you have a single woolen blanket.

          b) Touch her whenever conversation has the _faintest_ hint of an excuse to do so:
          -She says something that has an element of 'poor me!' - Playfully say "Aww you poor girl!" putting both arms around her to comfort her.
          -She says something you could interpret as mildly surprising - with a surprised expression, turn towards her putting your hand on arm, shoulder or thigh going "thats crazy!" (adding mini-drama like this is _huge_ for getting the kino in more often, since drama is the #1 legitimate reason for touching.)
          -Touch her whenever you pay her a compliment in any way shap or form. I find that most statements can be responded to by some form of compliments + kino.
          -Reply to things with "wow, me too!" + kino.
          -Talk about her hair, touching it. talk about her hands, touching them. etc..
          -Room is cold (IT SHOULD BE!!) - "Oh no your hands are so cold!" grab her hands and hold on to them until they are warmer.
          -Room is cold (IT SHOULD BE!!) - grab your _single_ wool blanket, and huddle under it with her, rubbing her back and hands for warmth.
          -Room is cold (IT SHOULD BE!!) and you are under the blanket - "Oh no your feet are cold!" lift her legs into your lap, and rub them a bit, then resting arms gently across them.

          Note 1) Sitting in physical contact de-sensitizes the thigh area, so that you can touch it just like touching her arm or shoulder!

          Note 2) Things that happen under a blanket are 'less real' since no visuals. Basically, you can touch girls a lot more without them starting to talk nervously or mention boyfriends etc etc.. (if they do, simply hold the kino until they relax again).

          Note 3) Her legs resting across your lap, is a position of multiple profound advantages (beyond scope of this guide). Make it your priority to always end up like this with girls.

          Note 4) The dynamic outlined here (except some of the practical details) applies to all girls/situations. You now know exactly what 'get the kino going' means, which is useful since all 'methods' will tell you to do so at some point.

          - - - - -