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  • PLAYER GUIDE: Appendix

    The appendix to the Player Guide, with additional content and "methods" written by individuals.

    Please don't reply to this thread. If you want to suggest more content for the Appendix (should be short and straight-to-the-point material, written as a method for newbies), please post in Players Guide Links thread.

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    Online straight to home sex for dummies - step by step guide for newbs and virgins by Dude909

    Online straight to home sex for dummies - step by step guide for newbs and virgins

    The following is not meant to be a comprehensive guide, but rather a specific method. It is the most simple method I could come up with, it got me laid as is a few times and many elements taken from it have independently got me laid countless times. Anyone should be able to pull it off without any experience in women whatsoever. All you need is an Internet connection, a place to fuck and a dick.

    Step 1. Picture.

    Get ONE, GREAT picture of yourself. This is the most important part. A lot has been written about profile pictures, it is a vast subject that would take too long to be repeated here. Long story short, unless you are crazy photogenic, you need to get your shot taken for this specific purpose - a cut out from last week's party where your eye looks lazy won't do. Put on your best outfit, get a haircut, get someone to take a 100 shots and have a couple women help you chose which one looks most sexy.

    Step 2. Dating apps.

    Sign up for internet dating apps. This method requires MASSIVE amounts of numbers before you find a woman that will bite, so if you don't live in a big city you might want to sign up to 2-3 or more dating apps. Thankfully, pretty much everyone these days is on dating apps, so there's plenty enough women you can reach.

    Step 3. Match.

    'Like' as many profiles as possible as fast as you can. Looking at pictures is a waste of time, unless she's already a match. You can use autoclickers for that.

    If the app doesn't use a matching system, go directly to step 4.

    Step 4. Message.

    Send a direct sexual message to all your attractive matches (or profiles if there's no matching system). "Why haven't we had sex yet?" has been suggested on this board before, I've tested it and it has worked several times.

    You will get 4 different kinds of answers:

    A. She doesn't answer at all: move on. Don't bother her.

    B. She answers with an insult or otherwise offensive answer: don't reply, move on.

    C. She answers with a request for logistics such as "Where do you live?" or "When do you want to meet?": go to step 5.

    D. She answers anything else: respond with "Come for a drink!" (or similar non-sexual excuse to meet).
    i. If she answers positively (such as "Sure" or with a request for logistics), go to step 5.
    ii. Any other answer: don't reply, move on.

    Step 5.

    Take care of logistics. You are pitching a meet at your place or hers, at a specific time at night (between 9pm and 11pm is best), and nothing else (see Step 6). There is no game involved in this, so don't overthink it. Just know that at any point she might change her mind and you will never hear from her again, so don't be surprised if that happens. Don't waste time asking her ten times to confirm and reopening her after she flaked.

    Step 6.
    "Can we go for a drink first?"

    If she asks to go to a bar before to "get to know each other first", just say "No I've been running around all day. I have drinks at home, we can talk there. I'll come pick you up from the [train station] [bus stop] [parking] though". Do not agree on going out for a date.

    Step 7. At your place.

    Go pick her up from wherever you two decided to meet, say hi and start walking to your place. Just keep making small talk along the way. Don't try to act cool, mysterious or funny. Just be normal (not weird). At your place make her sit and feel comfortable. Offer her something to drink. Sit next to her and keep making small talk. Keep the conversation light, just getting to know each other. She will likely at some point ask something along the lines of "So do you hook up with lots of girls from the app". Just reply something vague like "There are days with and days without" or "Not enough" and lead the conversation back to superficial subjects like work, etc.

    After a few minutes, if she says "So...", or if she starts talking a lot very fast, or if there's a long awkawrd silence, it means she wants you to make your move. Go to Step 8. If that doesn't happen, don't worry. Just keep making small talk, until you both feel comfortable. Don't let it drag for more than a half an hour though! She's here to fuck, don't bore her out of it.

    Step 8. Escalate and fuck.

    Avoid talking about kissing or about sex. Don't worry, that's the reason why she's here. She's most likely more stressed than you are at this point. When the moment is right, just grab her gently and start making out. Don't ask or comment on it. Just do it. You can start slow and gentle at first, but you should rapidly turn it into a passionate sexually charged make-out. This is no time for lovey dovey shit. This is porn time. You should rapidly have your hands all over her, and within minutes by dry humping and then rubbing her pussy over her clothes. Don't hurry that stage though, it's the most fun part! After several minutes of dry humping she should be super horny. Slap on a condom and fuck her. At no point should you ask. Just do it.

    Step 9. Post-fuck comfort.

    After you both orgasm, cuddle and play with her in bed and have a chat. Be nice. Offer her a drink and talk about sex, boys, relationships, etc. This is so she doesn't feel like a slut. It also increases the chance of seeing her again. Then offer her to walk her back to the [train station] [bus stop]. Don't mention meeting again unless she does. The next evening, send her a short and sweet text, possibly with a little joke, but not mentioning the sex. Then wait a few days and pitch another meet.


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      Push/Pull from A to Z by Z

      There is a lot that I'm going to try to discuss in this post. It's going to be long. For that, I apologize. But there's a lot of detail that I really want to try to cram into here so that I don't have to do it anywhere else. For those of you who might be looking for smaller snippets you can use, I have broken this up into some different sections if you want to just skip to a certain part:

      1. General Principles
      2. Push/Pull Techniques
      3. Multiple-Level Push/Pull
      4. Screening Uses & Relationships


      1. General Principles

      Let's start this from the beginning. Push/pull is one of the major overarching ideas that is used in just about every aspect of PU. You can see its applications in terms of generating attraction, providing comfort, handling LMR, really just about anywhere that you go. But let's initially look at this at its most basic level. What is push/pull and what does it do?

      Push/pull is the ability to emotionally lead a woman and your conversation with her in ways that alternately bring her closer to you and create distance between you and her on the surface. As mentioned in the previous sentence, there are essentially two stages in push/pull. There are actions that bring a woman closer to you. These are known as pulls. On the other side, there are actions that seek to create distance. These are known as pushes.

      So now that we've defined what we're looking at here, let's talk about how they actually work. I'm going to start with the concept of a basic push, and we'll build from there. As mentioned before, a push is an action that you initiate that creates a certain distance between yourself and the woman. An example of a basic push is, "I don't think you're my type." Clearly, that statement is designed to demonstrate that there is distance between yourself and the chick. With something like this, it is very clear that this is what is going on, and very obviously a push. Some pushes are not so obvious. We'll get into specific techniques and discuss this more in depth later, but for now, I just wanted to give a simple example.

      Before I get into talking about how this actually works on a woman, I want to add in an important note about calibration. Calibration with your pushes is key. You don't walk up to a chick and tell her, "Fuck you" when you have never met her before. That type of push isn't typically successful, although I did have a drunk makeout in college with a chick that I actually approached just by yelling, "Shut the fuck up" at her, even though she wasn't talking. Those were the good old days. But, the point that I am trying to make here and that I will make repeatedly is that calibration is key with your pushes. In general, relating your pushes back to yourself is an easy way to calibrate so that you can get your message across and avoid excess drama. An example of this is saying, "I don't think you're my type" instead of "You're fucking ugly."

      And here's where the magic of push/pull actually happens. It's because of that calibration. Let's stick with the example of "I don't think you're my type." This immediately creates distance between you and her. This distance is uncomfortable for her. People, in general, want to have successful relationships and be close to other people. So when you push her away like this, even though you didn't call her ugly, her head starts spinning. She's going, "Am I not his type? Why not? Is it my hair? My eyes? My tits? What is it?" It's a beautiful thing to watch when it is actually working. And so as a result of this distance being created, she gets drawn into the situation. Obviously, if you miscalculate and go to far with your push, she's going to walk off. That is why I once again stress calibration here.

      And now, let's turn to the pull. Continue with the previous example. You're still talking to her. Five minutes later, you hear that she loves freestyle skiing and is trying to be a professional and you love freestyle skiers. That's when you hit her with, "Yeah that's really cool. I used to ski a lot too, what was your favorite mountain, etc?" Bam. She's sucked right in. You create that initial distance, and then you use the pull to reel her back in. This works on a couple of different levels. First, it obviously resolves some of the tension that was created. Second, it subcommunicates that you aren't a doormat. You do not just give out approval. Obviously the example I gave was simplistic, but you understand where I am going with this.

      So that is push/pull at a basic level. One thing that I do want to stress is that it is not just pushes that generate attraction. Pushes can be very strong attraction game. But when you pull the right way and give comfort at the right time, it can amp up attraction that was already there. So keep that in mind.


      2. Push/Pull Techniques

      Let's talk a little now about some actual techniques that you can use for push/pull. We'll start with the pushes.

      The obvious place to start is with C+F. C+F is pure attraction material and is generally pure push. What I have personally found to be most effective for me is C+F relating to how ridiculous the nature of the world is as a whole. You can obviously use C+F in a number of different ways, I'm not here to tell you how to use it with regards to your personality. I will however, tell you how to not use it. Do not use it to aggressively rip her on things that are important to her. I have heard people trying to use shit with girls that you would not imagine. A couple weeks ago, I heard a guy in an airport bar talking to a chick who just told him she was a doctor. His responded by trying to be funny, saying, "I bet your patients hate you, you must not be very good." She excused herself about 5 minutes later. Think about if someone bashed what you devoted your life to. You would be pissed. What I tend to find is that you can rip on things that are absurd in the world that someone lives in, though. so in the case of the doctor in that example, a simple, "I thought about being a doctor. You kill one patient and it all falls apart though" would work. Shitty example since I'm not particularly creative right now, but you get the point.

      Moving on from C+F, let's talk about negs briefly. Negs are typically not necessary. And by typically not necessary, I can honestly say that it's something that I haven't used. Negs are one of the strongest pushes that you can use. They are essentially calling someone out for not being what they appear to be with a very backhanded compliment. If a chick is giving you a huge bitch shield, you can use them, but more often than not, I just move on since I probably don't want to deal with them anyways. But if C+F is using a machine gun to fight, negs are probably closer to using a rocket launcher.

      From there, let's talk about the use of disqualifiers as a push. The initial example I gave saying, "I don't think you're my type" is a disqualifier, but I tend to prefer to use these to apparently disqualify myself actually. One place in particular where these can be effective is with regards to relationship ideas. A simple, "Yeah, I'm not really looking for a relationship" can do wonders. You've probably also heard a number of disqualifiers from chicks. "I don't fuck guys the same night I meet them." Thinking about that now, that's the perfect example of a push. Think about the tension that you feel when a chick says that to you. It's a little uncomfortable, right? And so you have to resolve it somehow. That's what you're trying to generate.

      Physical pushes are the next on the list. Playfully pushing a girl away from you, managing the distance between the two of you, how/where you touch here, all of this can be used as a push. How you orient yourself and your body language can also fall into this category.

      Now, let's move onto the pulls. Pull techniques require calibration just as push ones do. The consequences are a little different if you miscalibrate though. With pushes, if you go too far, the chick walks away. With pulls, if you pull to far, you look like a little bitch and lose attraction. So she'll walk away eventually. Consequences actually aren't all that different in the long run.

      First type of pull is a simple compliment. Some words of advice here. Make it truthful. Truth is power. Use them sparingly. Make them unique. I'm not going to say a whole lot more about compliments here.

      Next we have physical pulls. Hugs. Kisses. Rubbing her leg. Touching her hair. All showing that you want to be closer to her. Not a whole lot of complication here.

      Another type of pull that you have is callback humor. Callback humor references shared experiences or conversations that the two of you have had. Joking about something familiar is incredibly powerful in terms of linking the two of you together.

      Creating commonalities is another pull that you have at your disposal. We are drawn to people with similar interests and ideas.

      Lastly, we have displays of your own weakness. This is a pure emotional pull here. It shows that you trust her. It shows that you want to be closer to her. Obviously, you don't walk up to some chick you've never met and tell her how you're scarred for life because of the accident with the tennis balls and the bobsled. But displays of your own weakness can be incredibly effective in building an emotional bond here, when done right.


      3. Multiple-Level Push/Pull

      This is where you can start to really have some fun and enjoy yourself. If you were counting from the last section, there are really two different types of closeness that you can have with a chick: emotional and physical. Where shit gets cool is where you start mixing it up between the two of them. Think about some of the attraction material that is the strongest. Saying "I hate you" while you can't stop smiling at her and looking in her eyes. Rubbing her leg and saying "I don't know if this is going to work out." When you combine pushes and pulls with the different levels, it amps shit up to a whole different level.

      Think about it. It's like that old Christina Aguliera song where she says, "My body's saying yes but my heart is saying no." That what you're trying to generate here. You're trying to throw her into such a state that she literally can't control herself because she has so much sexual tension building up inside of her from this stuff. It's fucking beautiful to watch.

      Now, I said just a couple paragraphs ago that there are two types of closeness. You have emotional and physical closeness. I lied for simplicity's sake. You can actually break up emotional closeness into two different components that allows you to get some really powerful stuff going. What I mean by this is that you can break it up into short-term and long-term emotional closeness. When I say short-term, that is anything that is occurring in the near future between the two of you. Saying, "Hey, you're really cool" is short-term closeness. Long-term emotional closeness is what a chick wants when she thinks of having an LTR. These are things like, "I want to be with you forever." Where you can generate some real power here is as you start to go through multiple interactions with a chick, where you demonstrate that you have that short-term emotional closeness, but not necessarily the implications of long-term. That is how you can really start to suck her into your reality. She's wanting more and wanting you to commit to her. And by simply not even acknowledging it, you can tap into that. Eventually, you're going to have the DTR talk, but we'll keep the details of that separate from here for now.


      4. Screening Uses & Relationships

      You can also use push/pull as a type of screening mechanism. And that might not even be the best way to describe it, but you can really use your pushes in order to guide a chick towards what you like in a relationship. In other words, let's picture things a little ways down the road. You have a chick over at your place one morning and she says she wants to go shopping and wants you to come. Most guys who are in love with a chick will say, "Oh, ok, let me get my man-purse." But you obviously don't want to go shopping with her in most situations. I sure as hell don't. So this is where you drop her a push of saying, "Nah, I'd rather go play basketball with my buddies, you have fun though." Now again, and I know I've stressed this before, but you have to use calibration here. You don't say, "Fuck off, I don't want to shop." Usually, I'll mix in a little C+F here and give her a "Just make sure what you buy me is bigger than what you get yourself."

      But you can do this even when you first meet a chick. Simply having your own opinion that is different from hers is a very effective push, and can be used to help screen when you first meet her. What is important is that you are consistent with this from the beginning. If you really don't want to do something, don't do it. She will seek to resolve the distance that you have created between her. In terms of leadership in a relationship, this is important. A push doesn't necessarily have to be pushing her away, it can simply be staying on your own path and forcing her to adjust to it.


      So that's what I wanted to write. I know it's long, and I know there are things that are left out, but these are my main thoughts off the top of my head on push/pull. There is a whole lot more that we can probably talk about too. But let's start here and go with it. Comments and questions, hit it.


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        Approach Mission by Warped Mindless

        Getting over AA. This is from my daygame book but feel free to use it however you want.

        These missions build on top of each other to make sure you conquer approach anxiety. Do all the missions and in 20 days you will be able to direct approach.

        Day 1 Go a clothing store and pick out a new shirt that you look good in. Make eye contact with all women you see. At the checkout line ask the cashier how her day is going. Thats it!

        Day 2 Walk down a busy street and practice holding eye contact with women. Hold it until they look away. Don't worry if you creep women out.

        Day 3 Approach 10 woman and ask for the time then eject. Record how long it took you do make all the approaches.

        Day 4 Approach 10 woman, ask for the time, and eject. Do it in half the time it took you on day 3.

        Day 5 Approach 10 women, ask for time, eject.
        Approach 15 women, ask for time, tell her you lost your watch, eject.

        Day 6 Approach 10 women, ask for directions, thank her, eject.

        Day 7 Approach 10 women, ask for directions, thank her, eject.
        Approach 10 women, ask for directions, thank her with a high five, eject.

        Day 8 Approach 10 women, ask for directions, high five, eject.
        Approach 10 women, ask for directions, compliment her on her shoes/jewelry, high five, eject.

        Day 9 Approach 10 women, ask for directions, compliment, high five, eject.
        Approach 10 women, ask for restaurant suggestion, ask if shes been, get directions, high five, eject

        Day 10 Approach 10 women, restaurant suggestion, ask if shes been, directions, high five eject.
        Approach 10 women, restaurant suggestion, ask if shes been, shoe/jewelry compliment, directions, double high five, eject.

        Congratulation! You have now completed the first 10 days of the program! By now you have approached 136 women. The next 10 day will get progressively harder and more fun.

        Day 11 Approach 15 women, say hi, eject.
        Approach 15 women, say hi, comment on weather, eject.

        Day 12 Approach 15 women, say hi, tell her your name, shake hands, comment on weather, eject.

        Day 13 Approach 15 women, say hi, introduce yourself, shake hands, ask directions, high five, eject.
        Do the same as above but add in a compliment.

        Day 14 Approach 15 women, introduce yourself, shake hands, comment on weather, double high five, eject
        Approach 15 women, introduction, shake hands, compliment her style, double high five, eject

        Day 15 Approach 15 women, introduction, shake hands, compliment style, ask her where she bought her shirt, double high five, eject.
        Approach 15 women, introduction, shake hands, compliment style, ask here where she bought her shirt, tell her it makes her look cute, high five, eject.

        Day 16 Approach 15 women, introduction, shake hands, compliment style, ask here where she bought her shirt, tell her it makes her look cute, high five, eject.
        Approach 15 women, introduction, shake hands, tell her she is cute, ask her where she bought her clothes, tell her you want her to take you shopping sometime, ask for number.

        Day 17 Approach 15 women, introduction, shake hands, tell her she is cute, ask her where she bought her clothes, tell her you want her to take you shopping sometime, ask for number.
        Approach 15 women, introduction, shake hands, tell her shes cute, ask her what shes up too, tell her you want to hang out sometime, ask for number.

        Day 18 Approach 15 women, introduction, shake hands, tell her she is cute, ask what shes up too, have her tell you one cool fact about herself, tell her you want to hang, hug, get her number.

        Day 19 Approach 15 women, tell her shes cute, ask her name, shake hands, ask what shes up too, get 3 facts about her, tell her you want to hang, number close.

        Day 20 Approach 10 women, tell her shes cute, shake hands, attempt to keep a hold of hand, ask what shes up too, get three facts about her, share a fact about yourself, tell her you think shes cool, tell her you want to see her again, number close.

        CONGRATULATIONS! You have now conquered your AA and can now direct approach. After asking so many women for their number you undoubtedly have a bunch of numbers now. My follow up guide will show you exactly what to do with those numbers.


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          100% Method for Meeting up with Girls by ijjjji

          Part 1 - Why Plans Result in Cold Feet.

          The inherent problem with planned events, is that during the period leading up to the event, there will be 'low' periods where future events are seen in a 'negative light' of worry or lack of enthusiasm. (Just think about a time when you were feeling worried, tired or just bored.) During such times, negative thoughts and worries tend to ACCUMULATE in regard to upcoming events. With longer time span, more such 'lows' will occur, potentially allowing multiple layers of negativity to accumulate. End result is often total loss of interest or even AVERSION.

          In short, planning in advance will make any previous doubts FESTER & AMPLIFY, resulting in COLD FEET.

          Conclusion: NEVER plan a first meet-up in advance.

          Part 2 - How to Make Unplanned Meet-ups Happen.

          Effortless way:
          -Avoid communicating entirely, until next friday/saturday night.
          -Then text something like "Hi Im at bar X! You?"

          Fast way:
          -Converse (text or phone-call) with girl WITHOUT hinting for a meet. Just flirt! No asking about what she doing or what her plans are.
          -The moment SHE HINTS for a meet, suggest meeting up 'right now'.

          ij: "Heeey tiger u awake? Friday was fuun " (typically 11pm'ish on a sunday)

          girl: "Yes? lol your name is sexyjiji?!?"

          ij: "What?? you typo on your cell?? My name is ijjjji. Nice to meet you!"

          girl: blablabla

          ij: blabla (insert playfully busting her balls!!)

          girl: flirty blabla. "Im watching series X. What u doing?"

          ij: X is nice? I could watch with you but starving.. U have food?

          (This method is much more effort, because sometimes you have to tease girls for days before they 'crack' like this. But it always happens sooner or later in my experience!)

          - -
          (Digression: The fallacy of reverse engineering is evident for this subject. 'Good' (popular) guys report that they never have problems when planning a meeting. (Since the girl had NO DOUBT to begin with.) Consequently, they tend to SPAM the forums with the BAD ADVICE of scheduling meets, leading to an endless stream of frustrated posts from newbies who always get last minute cancel from girls. On average there are 2 new topics like this every week. Every time the same useless advice given. Possibly making this the most deeply rooted misunderstanding in all of seduction.)

          (Scheduling meetups can actually be useful for weeding out lukewarm girls, in a situation where you have many girls lined up.. e.g. you could schedule 10 girls from online on the same day, and hope that 1 or 2 dont flake.. Be warned though: the reduction of interest still plays a role, so the girl could be lukewarm when you meet her, leaving you with more 'uphill struggle', compared to a spontaneous meeting..)


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            Flirting - A Newbie-Friendly Guide by ijjjji

            So Simple
            There are exactly 2 ways to flirt.
            a) Playful = Light flirting = flirty look/flirty tone = light banter - common trait: a hint of a cunning smile
            b) Seductive = Heavy flirting = sexual stare/sexual undertone - common trait: a hint of passionate stare, often recognizable as a heavy relaxed'ness of the eyes/eye lids.

            Thinking logically could lead us to assume that the 'best' way to flirt is to start with playful, and transition gradually into seductive. In real life though, there is absolutely no such 'best way'. In fact, acting 'logical' like that would make the flirt far less interesting/effective. I will say this much: Going a bit back and forth between the two, is usually a good thing.

            Just Looking
            Just looking at someone w/cunning smile or passionate stare, is a very potent, and often overlooked, form of flirting. But best saved for people you have already introduced yourself to.

            Flying Start
            Equipped with a cunning smile or passionate stare, you can easily flirt with anyone, just by
            a) getting their attention, and
            b) telling them something you noticed about them.

            For this simple setup, lets go with "Hey" or "Wow" or "Excuse me", for getting attention.

            (As alluded to above, flirting takes place outside the logic and the normative, so getting someones attention in 'unusual ways' often works great. You could shout, whistle, clap, snap fingers, go "Psst!", tap them, grab them, bump them, tackle them, obstruct them, arrest them, spank them etc etc..)

            We make the comment about them for this setup, simply because its a subject many find it hard to resist talking about. Saying it straight out like "you seem very happy!" is fine. Alternatively, you can imply the same with a question "Its your birthday today!?" and so on.

            I will leave you with an example. Please contemplate if it is good or bad, taking into account that flirting is at its best when outside the norms of 'logic' and 'the expected': "Hi.. wow - is it your job to look this beautiful?" ...said with a) a hint of cunning smile, or b) a hint of sexual stare.

            Ok, get flirty everyone!


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              Didn't Zardoz have a guide to cold approach that was really good? I think it was Zardoz anyway? If that's not included somewhere, it should be.