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  • Getting Laid And Having Fun

    I once was a big loser. I weighed 347 pounds. I didn't hug someone that wasn't family until I was 19 or 20. I was a loser. I started losing weight but didn't get any better with women until eventually I met a woman who I fell for hard. I made every mistake in the book. I was needy, a pussy, and eventually she left me. I was pissed and went out to find out how to get women. I had a new found confidence due to the fact that if one woman found me good then other's would as well.

    I learned how to talk, to communicate my ideas, I studied PUA in all the forms possible. I studied Mystery, Ross Jeffries, Love Systems, and more, and put together my own approach on my own personality. Going out and testing it every day. And 90% of it was in the day time. I talked over 500 women, went on 30 dates, and had sex with 13 of them. I have 3 FWB's, I have women send me naked pictures, all of this without a job, and living at home with my parents and still be more than 60 pounds over weight. That's right. I'm living proof that this stuff works. That if you're willing to throw away your ego you can get women easily.

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    13 lays out of 500 approaches is absolutely outstanding results, even in general, but for someone new to this and overweight and living with your parents, that is absolutely astounding. You clearly have a talent for this stuff, and can get really far if you keep going.


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      hey dude, welcome!

      how long did your transformation take? can you approach women in basically any daytime dynamic, even with ppl around who can hear your whole pickup (bus, train)? what kind of style are you rockin?

      you mind sharing some of those naked pics cos I find your 500/13 almost unbelievable? But if it is indeed true, we need to break down what made you so good and learn it

      What does "being willing to throw away your ego" mean to you? Reading tolle, meditation, screening hard without needing good results/validation to feel good about yourself, not gettingdown on rejections, what?