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  • Newbie - Introduction - ShowTime

    Good evening people on the Pua-zone. What brought me here is the selling of by Formhandle...I think that's what his name was.. Idk.

    Introduction: I used to be named in said website as Boba-La-Douche.That was my name, I doubt any of you remember me, but this site was very enlightening. I learned many, many, different things that could help me pick up the ladies. What I also learned is that people love giving their advice. Its some fucking ego thing where they can't shut the fuck up, in the field or on this form. I'm here to capitalize on that and try and find flaws delete them from my person and create positive characteristics with the help of the internet people also interested in the well being.

    Why am I here?:
    I am strictly here for picking up chicks. My greatest achievements in getting laid come from one night stands. My style sucks for my standards, although my greatest pick-up asset is night-game I tend to shy away from most systematic routine (although that's why we're here right? to systematically break down a pick up to work all the time?)
    Although I do have a lot of it in my repertoire.

    Why I am not here?:
    I am not here to give a shit about proper grammar, spelling mistakes, or proper organization of my posts. If I gave a fuck about that I would find the pick up form strictly for English majors. If you can read and understand me, what is the point in bitching about something none-relative and non-analogous to fucking the brains out of some nice, tight, wet, pussy?

    My goal in pick up is simple. Tickle that one part in a girls brain where she wants to seduce me.

    The last time I was on the original pick up website, I was 16 going on 17, my girl friend just broke up with me and she broke my widdle heart.Since then I have been with 18 (remembered) lay's. (this does not include the other amazing experiences I have had)

    ~Show Time~

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      Thank you for the greetings!