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  • Online - Number close - Rookie Sh!t

    Random girl posted a facebook status: "If one more random guy ask's me to cuddle in a message i'm gonna be so pissed."

    Questions for you guys (the pick up community): What kind of style do you think I have? I haven't read into detail on this stuff.. I'm not new to pickup by any means but I'm trying to learn more from this communities world and societal views. Would This be considered a, "Cocky funny" and/or "natural" style?
    Your input is appreciated. Thanks
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________

    So I had to ask her because I was a random guy. Here is the narrative.

    Me: Hey can I ask you a question?

    8: Sure

    Me: Do you think i'm attractive? Honest opinion on a scale from 1-10

    8: Why?

    Me: I'm just curious what a girl might think of me

    8: Why would you ask me tho?

    Me: I mean your pretty attractive and you probably have a lot of guys that try and talk to you so you would judge harder then most.

    8: Well im not gunna rate you.. Lmao. And you should know how attractive you are. Your pretty confident. I can tell just by your pictures.

    Me: Come on

    8: Soo why ask some random girl when you know for a fact you look good?

    Me: You can be fat short, and balding and have confidence.
    that doesn't mean you "look attractive"

    8: Your right but I know you know your attractive and I don't even know you

    me: which is why an unbiased opinion is the best

    8: Okay, I do than. I do find you attractive. You happy? Lol

    Me: ok so would you cuddle with me?

    8: -.-

    8: Your an Asshole lmao

    me: I had to
    _____________________________________________End Narrative

    After a while all her walls came down and she talked to me about a ton of shit. She gave me her phone number and said she'd like to talk again. She's my age, 21. Except for her man claws she has, she's pretty cute.

    <picture deleted - Blackdragonadmin>

    I just thought you guys would like a good number close and seen how I did it, and what the girl looks like.

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    Though it's technically not against the rules, we would prefer you did not post pictures of non-celebrity women on here (showing their faces) unless you've received their permission to do so, so I have removed the pic you posted. (It's an issue of legal exposure, sorry.)

    You're more than welcome to get her permission to post her pic and re-post, or re-post that pic of her but with the face blocked out or cropped.

    (And yes, she's hot.)
    I like carrots! num num num


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      Errrm... How do you see Facebook statuses of people you're not friends with??

      and damn you sauron for removing a hot chick pic before i could see it


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        i call it cocky funny/sexual trolling, is very effective...


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          I'm impressed you recovered so well from such an AFC, beta bitch opener. Well-played...very under-the-radar. I'd say you're a natural if you can open with something like that and make it work for you.