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Where to find a decent number of women in the day?

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  • Where to find a decent number of women in the day?

    I live in a shit city and its slim pickings here as it is but finding women during the day is a hassle. I'm pretty much regulated to my local starbucks, old navy and ulta. There are few women that come in (unless at certain times of the day) that are approach worthy. Can people recommend some venues for day game?

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    I can't imagine how hanging out at Ulta makes a guy attractive to women.

    There is the Internet, and we do have an Online Game forum; read that for some ideas.

    Consider moving.
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      Ulta actually has some stuff for guys that I need (a electric shaver and some cologne). I don't loiter around there everyday or something.

      Also I'm trying to move by December to LA. I can't take this city anymore.


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        Here is an example:
        I hangout in a venue where it is extremely hard to approach and talk to girls except for hired guns.
        Once I got lucky and I found a high traffic venue, where I got approached by girls, I got introduced to girls and everything.


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          The mall tends to be the highest traffic spot, especially in summer with all the college girls on break, just down there myself yesterday, I like to multitask while I'm already going shopping as opposed to scheduling day game.