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Become The Best Version Of Yourself By Overcoming Fear

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  • Become The Best Version Of Yourself By Overcoming Fear

    Every time you do something challenging or something outside of your reality, you feel the fear of death. That fear is created by your ego. Your ego is an entity that live through you. It give you an identity, a fake personality and an illusory perception of reality. Your ego want you to be the same. Your ego doesn't want you to change your thoughts because it live in your thoughts.

    Imagine that you are a good looking guy with a high paying job and you wife is a fat, ugly and uneducated woman. That woman is very stupid and it’s impossible for her to get a job or do something productive. Her survival depends on you. You provide her with housing and food. Your wife wants you to be the same, she doesn't want you to think highly of yourself because she doesn't want you to realize that you can do better. If you realize that you can get a good looking and educated girl you will dump that fat bitch without a second thought. Your wife will make you insecure, fearful and depress in order for you to remain the same because her survival depends on that. Your ego and your government work the same way. They don’t want you to change. They want you to remain the same. They want you to be a slave. They want you to work for them.

    Fear of change is often disguise as the fear of death. When you do something different or something outside of you reality. You experience a high degree of unpleasant emotions that prevent you from taking actions. Those unpleasant emotions are triggered by your mind or ego. Your mind is telling you: “Fucking loser, don’t you dare to approach that hot girl. She will reject you before you open your mouth because you are a ugly, fat and smelly loser. Your legs are shaking already. just go home to watch porn.”

    The first step of freedom, happiness, peace and eternal life is you have to die, in other words, you have to change. Every time you take action you feel like dying right before doing it and when you do it you feel like a God or a reborn Phoenix.

    Before approaching a random women in the street I feel the fear of death. Even though I feel terrified and overwhelmed by my emotions I take action because I know that I have the skills to seduce any women. Every time I overcome the fear of death or change, I become God and part of the universe because I stop Identifying with my thoughts.

    (The girls in the pictures below are completely strangers that I met in the street)

    My advice for you is to do what you fear the most. Every time you feel the fear of death you must embrace it and take action. You won’t die. Your fake identity is the one dying. Death is freedom from mental slavery. “Believe in me & you shall die forever”.

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    I'd say you are a bit overly dramatic, everybody is not out to get you or keep you down, and it's not fear of death but rather fear of the unknown and doing stuff you are unsure about.

    Also, sometimes fear is a healthy indicator that you shouldn't do what you are thinking about. Some PU advice is downright weird and rude and could possibly alienate you from people in your surroundings… But then there is the irrational and stupid fear that you simply need to push through. It's tricky that sometimes, knowing the difference between the two.