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  • Introduction of Jacomany

    Meet Jacomany, Jack of many trades. I have been reading up on many PUA concepts and theories for about a week now and have to say I love it.

    In the past I lacked a bit of confidence in many situations and now have conquered most, just the girls to go. I have begun putting the ideas I am learning into practice and am enjoying it immensely. (No lays yet, give me time, but just the game is fun and exciting).

    I will try and log my activities as well, giving an honest account of a newbie finding his balls.

    Looking forward to it!

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    Like I said above, I've only been looking at this stuff for a week, but I wanted to share my personal experience over that week. Now, whenever I am out, I hold eye contact with females and if they are cute, I give them a little smile. For anyone else out there new and reading this, I am still nervous while doing it but you have to start somewhere. And the best part, when they smile back you can see them skip a step and giggle inside, it is brilliant.

    Secondly, I joined OKC last night and am loving it. 18 likes in 12 hours (females to me), I've sent out 10 messages, received 8 replies and am conversing with 5 currently. Have moved a couple to meets and will keep you posted.

    Any PUA's in melbourne, I'd like to catch up at some stage and get some pointers/ experiences. Even if your new, it would be great to have a wing for night game etc.