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    We recommend that you make an initial post introducing yourself, describing where you live, your age, and what your life is like, and why you joined. If you have seduction, relationship, or sex questions, ask them in separate posts.

    Hello! I'm 35, going on 36. No kids. I live in a reasonably big town somewhere in the Nordic.

    I recently stumbled upon a blog by a guy that goes by Blackdragon and some of what he writes makes a lot of sense while some of it i can't make heads or tails of at all. Anyway this forum was linked from there so i thought it'd be a suitable place to ask questions.

    Also, somewhat inspired by the Blackdragon blog, I thought i'd try my hand at online dating. I kind of tried it once a couple years ago and again a few months ago, but it fizzled out. Perhaps armed with a little advice it'll be a better experience.