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How to become a member of NextASF

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  • How to become a member of NextASF

    NEW USERS - To register for NextASF, use the Contact Us link on the bottom left corner of the site. Your email must include the following. If you omit any of this data, your application will likely be denied.

    User Name
    - The username you wish to post with.

    Email - Your email address. Include this even if you're contacting us from the same address.

    Your birthday - This is required. The forum will display your age but not your birthdate. We will deny your application if you're under 18. Please note, we're Americans, and our numeric date format is Month/Day/Year, whereas much of the world uses Day/Month/Year or Day.Month.Year. Please use the American format to avoid confusion.

    Your location - If you want to maintain your privacy, you can list just your country or general area (eg. France, or EU). FYI we may check that your IP address is in the location you specified.

    Reason why you want to join - Include a couple of sentences explaining why you'd like to join the site. This is to verify that you're a legitimate person who intends to be a contributing member of the forum.

    Referrer - If someone referred you to SedFast, please include their name/username as well. This will greatly increase your chance of being accepted.

    Once we accept your application, we will create your account and send you a temporary password. You can then log in, change your password, and update your profile with your biography, etc. Most users will be Rookies. Rookies are automatically upgraded to full members after 90 days and 30 posts, if their reputation rating is still above where they started. If you are a previous member of this or another forum and/or have been a part of the seduction community for at least a year, let us know in your email and we will start you off as a full member (note though that Members have less leeway when it comes to breaking the rules than Rookies). This change should not affect existing members.

    We want to continue making this forum the go-to place for advice on Seduction and Relationships. Our members are what makes this such a vibrant community, and we want new members to join to continue enriching the environment. If you are reading this and wish to join, don't hesitate to contact us. We welcome new members and aren't looking to make it harder to join. We feel that this change will make it easier for us to identify legitimate new users. We've already lost a few users in our many spammer sweeps, and we don't want that to keep happening. Thanks for your understanding and for making this site the amazing community that it is!

    EDIT 10/02/15: Changed a few things based on new look of the site.
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    FYI, if you ignore the very simple rules above, We will ignore your request. Either you can't take two seconds to read the post, or you're a spammer. In either case, we don't want you.
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