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  • Attraction Pumpung - Quick How To

    If you have an itch on your back that you cant reach, as time passes, your desire to scratch it grows and grows, so when you finally find a stick, you rub it maybe too hard (but it still feels really good).

    This illustrates the working principal behind Attraction Pumping; To 'create an itch', and let it itch a while.

    In figure below, we illustrate only some of the best ways to do this. The red line represents physical reality (the actual scratching, in above example). The pink line represent something that is imagined, felt, expected or assumed.. in spite of physical reality suddenly failing to provide accordingly (the itch itself, in example).

    The distance between the two lines, illustrates the inability to reach that itch. Making the desire to do so (attraction) rise.

    So, to pump attraction (once), requires 2 steps:
    1) establish some sort of curve/plot/trend/expectation/vibe. (red line only)
    2) let physical actions break off to a lower curve. (split into red and pink line)

    (In order to pump repeatedly, you just loop back to the first step.)

    If you think about any of the things you have noticed make girls go absolutely wild, you will realize that all of them have this type of scenario going on, in one way or another.

    You can use this understanding to A) easily find ways to pump attraction in most scenarios, and B) evaluate if people are giving solid or shitty advice about PU.

    - - -

    My #1 practical tip:

    Do not waste time early on! From the moment she notices your existence, do your VERY BEST to set some sort of vibe/curve. Things like: strong compliments with kino, warm smiles, love at first sight type beaming eyes etc etc.. Understand that it is FINE to set out on a kinda 'crash and burn' course, because the plan is to deviate before it goes that far.

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    Nice, I like posts like this and I'm digging figure C.

    You can see how reality and potential work together and how playing with that gap/vacuum between them creates an inter-play. Bring reality to the edge/cusp of potential and let it resonate, which in turn raises the feeling of potential (the pink), and creates a higher ceiling or vibe bubble for you to build the red line even more (it's not just a loop it's progressive and you have micro and macro waves... actually multiple tiers and its spread across many facets or rapports from flavors of emotional to sexual).

    Those two little curves, the edge between them and how those three elements interplay like a story are actually a huge, huge topic. From protecting their integrity, to the right kind of flavors and how they're internalized/trusted, flow....

    Great job man.


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      uhm. Not sure how to read this one.

      I wonder how trying the following would go:
      Create initial interest and then let it drop, then try to let something interesting happen: letting it slowly build up, up to the earlier point again and then get it higher, let it fall deeper and let it get higher etc.


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        How is this different from Containment / Vacuum ?


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          Thinking theres a danger to seeing the attraction pumping journey like this? As in it oversimplifies the dynamic. I would draw it more like a star, as theres is a danger of missing out on other key elements in the progress of attraction spiking/pumping imo. To me attraction spiking is multifacetted and more about boosting MANY fantasies (itches/open loops/wants) reasonably fast. Loops in many emotional directions to "pump her up". Where some hints more. Others you may close more. There is not one hint then leave it. More multiple hints of various emotions creating a meta emotional rollercoaster.

          - you may minicold read her (fun, shyness)
          - you may soi her, then shift topic (arousal, admiration)
          - you may squeze her hip teasingly then turn a little away from her (arousal, happiness)
          - you may challenge her teasingly (suck in belly, agression/fight)
          - you may command her to tell something (safety, dominance feel)
          - you may be cocky (shock, OMG did he just say that)
          - you may listen seductively and pause (arousal)
          - you may flirt with another woman on the side (loss, competitiveness, agresision, attraction)
          all while chitchatting too alongside

          All hints various things and pushes her emotions differently. it is the collective emotional journey that creates. Wil draw a star one day when i get the time.


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            Originally posted by kant View Post
            How is this different from Containment / Vacuum ?
            Well, one difference is that I understand this, but I don't understand containment/vacuum.


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              Thanks for very nice replies

              Originally posted by kant View Post
              How is this different from Containment / Vacuum ?
              Step 2 is _exactly_ the same. I assumed that was obvious Before anyone ask, let me rush to say its also pretty much the same as: push-pull, backturns, bodyrocking, reciprocation 1:1 and so on and so on..

              Originally posted by glow View Post
              As in it oversimplifies the dynamic.
              I can only assume you looked too hard at the figures, instead of this: "1) establish some sort of curve/plot/trend/expectation/vibe" which clearly covers all your examples imo. Its a nice list though! Thanks


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                Okay! Maybe it can be boiled down to a single hormone:

                But yeah, the CREATION is still the same old 'failing to meet expectation' mechanic...


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                  The internet is slowly cannibalizing itself, so thought Id save this one:

                  “Really Smooth Escalations” by Sleazy 20090111 (from the old forum)

                  I have recently commented on the “FR+: Wanted to fuck girl in Starbucks washroom” by D-Boy. One of the points I have raised was his unrefined understanding of escalating. The following may be basic knowledge for most, but I have a suspicion that it may be news for quite a few.

                  Escalations have the point of getting you to have sex with the girls. If you don’t escalate, your only hope is that the girl does, which will hardly ever happen, because it is just not their nature to do so. If the girl is already into you, then it is really hard for you to mess things up. However, oftentimes you will encounter only mild interest, in which case it is important to escalate properly. In my experience, the best way to escalate is done with “smooth escalations”, which takes into account the reactions of the female. For instance, a newbie might do the following:

                  (EDIT: The formatting is a bit messed up. Read it as a table. The first column contains the female's reaction, and the second the male's reactions, which happen in response to the former.)

                  female / male
                  pulls you in / pull
                  pull / pull
                  pushes you away / pull
                  push / pull
                  push / pull

                  ...which of course leads to a blowout pretty quickly, even if the girl has a high level of initial interest. The “tacky club make out guy” is a prime candidate for committing this cardinal sin of escalating. D-Boy, in his FR, did something similar. He did not completely disregard the female’s input, but he made the grave mistake of aggressively escalating off her pushes (!) and disregarding her pulls. An intermediate student might have heard of “Push & Pull” and have an understanding of its main idea, i.e., he rewards her positive behaviour with a pull, and a negative with a push. “Push & Pull”, however, does not have to be random. It works great this way and will help you getting laid from “slow game”. All you online and daygame PUAs, stop reading right now. The following is probably of no use for you, because the next part was written with club guys and “fast layers”, or guys working towards that goal, in mind. It will describe how “Push & Pull” can be used with better precision.

                  So far, everything this post said was hopefully basic and known to everyone who read it. The next bit is a bit more advanced. I’ll introduce the term “smooth escalation”. It has two elements. First, you take the female’s reaction into account. If she has a high level of interest, then you can go far in no time. Ever wondered how on earth I can get makeouts more or less instantly, or handjobs in less than ten minutes? This is an attempt to explain how:

                  female / male
                  pull / pull
                  pull / pull
                  push / push (or mini-takeaway)
                  pull / minor pull
                  pull / hard pull

                  ...and so on and so forth.

                  The principle is still to reward her behaviour or punish her if she does not comply. However, the escalation is based upon her pulls. If she pulls, you can do a mini-takeaway to pump her BT even more, and when she goes in for another pull, you pull hard, for example shoving her hand down your pants.

                  The second notion is one of “measurement”. You don’t always pull completely or push completely. Instead, there are vast differences in the intensity. For instance, you can make use of “mini-takeaways”, which can be very subtle things.If you were touching her with your whole hand, then you don’t completely back off, but loosen the grip, remove the palm so that only your fingertips are touching her or something like this.

                  An example for this is:

                  female / male
                  pull (60%) / pull (40%)
                  -- the relative notions are important. Go into the field and observe how the female’s reaction changes depending on the gravity of your pushes and pulls, especially in relations to her pushes and pulls

                  pull (70%) / pull (80%)
                  -- the female pulls more, so you can exploit this to pull even more, e.g. soft makeout v hard makeout

                  pull (80) / pull (80)
                  push (70) / push (60)
                  -- the female has had enough validation for the moment, so she pushes you away, but you keep your arm around her waist

                  You then proceed by building sexual tension, so you gaze into her eyes and hover with your lips in front of hers for a moment, then, you turn her head with a swift grip of thumb and index finger. Now, you put your lower lip on her cheek and move it upwards, so that she feels some of the saliva. The female has to release sexual tension afterwards, so she goes in again, and tries to tongue you down:

                  pull (100) /push (50)

                  You dodge her mouth, and playfully dance away from her. She comes after you. Being a sleazy» bastard, you are already in the corner of the dance floor. She walks toward you, strutting her stuff. As she moves seductively in front of you, you slowly get hard. You grab her belt and pull her in. You have pulled her in so forcefully that she almost lost balance (pull: 90). She takes this as a good excuse to press her tits hard against your chest. Your intuition tells you that she is already really wet. Again, she tries to initiate a make out. Since she is already pressing her body against yours, she does not feel the need to tongue you down forcefully, but initiates a more romantic kiss:

                  pull (70) / pull (30)
                  -- ...but you only give her a few pecks on her lips. At the same time you start guiding her hands over your body. As you put it on your crotch, she starts rubbing your cock, ...

                  I hope this is enough to illustrate the main idea. Without sufficient field experience, especially in night clubs, you will probably have no idea what I am trying to say. But it is my hope that people who are into sexual tension/fast escalation will find some value in this post.