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A list of game-like routines

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  • A list of game-like routines

    I'm currently looking for a list of all game-like routines to enrich my dating arsenal. I know canned routines aren't welcome here nevertheless they could be life-saver when you run into hard-to-crack girls or feel like having an off day/not really in the mood.

    Some I know and field tested with great success:

    The Cube (kino, deep rapport)
    5 ring fingers (kino, deep rapport)
    5 sex questions (sex talk, deep rapport)
    5 lies (fun, can be used to isolate)

    Just routine name and short description are ok, I will google the rest. Thanks.

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    Hey, what about the "Fuck Marry kill " routine?

    Ask the girl to point out someone she would like to fuck, marry and kill. Lots of fun

    Fuck Marry Kill

    TwentySix on the Fuck, Marry, Kill game from the Howard Stern show

    Source: TwentySix, posting on Thundercats Seduction Lair

    “Marry… Marry is retard-ed… my name’s Mary and I’m a lose-er! Look at me, I’m a loser and my name’s Mar-ry!”

    That’s not a direct quote, but you get the picture. When Twentysix did it, it was funny, trust me. He also likes to do that when a girl’s on a cell phone. He’ll go up beside them, act like he’s on a cell phone, and imitate the girl.

    “Fuck, Marry, Kill” is a game he got from listening to the Howard Stern show. You play it by pointing out three guys in the club and telling her “You have to fuck one of them, marry one of them, and kill one of them. Which one would you do what to?”

    He also shared a real novel way to use your cell phone, and how your cell phone, as a prop, can be your best wingman ever. You can act like you are the MAN on the cell phone, walk around the club demanding outrageous stuff on the cell, like you’re having a really intense conversation:
    No, you tell Spielberg you shove it! This movie is getting made TOMORROW!”

    He also said that if you’re at a club alone, instead of just sitting in a corner with your drink, whip out your cell and act like you’re talking on it. It will make you look less pathetic, because it’s natural to be alone when talking on the phone.
    Taken from:



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      I really like the "Are you a good kisser" routine. I can't count how many makeouts I've gotten out of that, but it's a lot. It's not a really serious closer, but it's a lot of fun.

      There are many variants. You could ask her where she's from, and then tell her how you've never met a girl from that place that were good kissers. Hopefully, she'll try to tell you how you're so wrong, and then you can just retort: "OK prove it!"
      Another version is where you ask her, "How would you rate yourself as a kisser from 1 to 10?" Most girls would go 10, and again you could retort by laughing it off a little before you go "OK prove it!"
      You could also combine the two. As before said, there are a lot of ways to do this, but the gist of it is kind og dissing her ability to kiss, and then make her prove it.



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        Google "pick up labs mission" and more than a few come up.


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          Strawberry fields is a tried and true one.

          If you can find the blammo pattern, and know a little NLP that one is money.


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            Its all routines imo (the things we do and discuss).

            The inherent problem with talking, is that girls like to talk them self, rather than listen. Keep this in mind when doing long'ish routines, and you'll be fine.