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    The way I first discovered PUA was about two years ago I typed into google "How to get laid off Plenty of Fish" and I found this guy Social Kenny's guide to POF. I think he charges $50 for it right now, but he used to have it for free and I read it. It has a lot of advice that I disagree with, like he advocates reading their profiles and looking for all these hidden signs that the girl is DTF and he's against sending cut and paste messages. Well, I don't do that anymore. I don't like reading the profiles because they're often depressing and filled with negativity and I mostly cut and paste my openers. However, the most effective profile I've ever figured out how to write for POF is still Social Kenny style (and it's still not that effective. I get a lot of phone numbers but I can't seem to convert them into lays. Actually I don't think it's the profile's fault though. It's doing it's job and getting me the phone numbers and I'm screwing it up after that). POF is baffling me lately. My last four lays were from Tinder. I got all four of them by using sex talk with some NLP to get the girls horny. I'm extremely broke/cheap and I don't go on dates so I always aim for home pussy delivery. My style is heavily dependent on long text game (sometimes not so long) and sex talk lately. When it comes to POF though, I'll get a chick's number and as soon as I say anything sexual they get all offended and ASD. I'm not sure if they're just not really DTF and this is screening them out, or if POF girls have higher ASD because they have 1000 guys messaging them all day and they need to be gamed differently. Tinder girls let me say all kinds of raunchy shit to them without getting offended too often. Anyway, here's my profile. It's mostly plagiaraized from Social Kenny's guide but I modified it a little bit to be more congruent to my personality while still sticking to his format.

    Headline: Inside you
    Occupation: Part time gigolo [I really like this one; credit: Social Kenny]
    About Me: Antisocial, terrible at messaging, I have a BBW fetish and I only date women over 50 [four false disqualifiers, two disqualifying myself and two disqualifying the girl. I guess the idea is that most guys shamelessly qualify in the About Me section so this is doing the opposite]
    First Date: I'll take you into a dark little alley and eat some spaghetti with you. If the one piece of spaghetti is long enough you just might get a kiss. Then I'll send you home knowing we both had a good time. [Sort of feels like a takeaway with the "send you home knowing we both had a good time". The Lady and The Tramp thing is actually my own idea; probably the only part I didn't plagiarize from Social Kenny.]
    Interests: Head, Getting Scratches On My Back, Hitting It Raw [not plagiarized but still with the same format. Social Kenny suggested saying stuff like "Sexually Submissive Women" but I think they'd probably delete my profile if I said that because POF is lame and I suspect they crawl through all the profiles deleting them for any sexual language. I've been deleted like twenty times but this profile has been up for about three months now and it has survived. My interests are overtly sexual but without saying any keywords that would trigger the thing that deletes profiles]

    The idea is for this profile to be very sexual and funny at the same time and I think it does that very well. Any good profile on POF should have some screening mechanisms and I think this one screens pretty hard, but not too hard to where it's just scaring off all the girls.

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    Any of you guys know of any other "gamey" templates for POF profiles. Also I'd be really happy to see some kind of universal profile templates that anybody could use for OKCupid.


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      Originally posted by PeteyWheatstraw View Post
      Any of you guys know of any other "gamey" templates for POF profiles. Also I'd be really happy to see some kind of universal profile templates that anybody could use for OKCupid.
      Cater it to your interests and use your profile for screening. You'll only match with what you want in a match. I advise you to invest in Balckdragon's Online Guides.