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Endless flirting does not help me.

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  • Endless flirting does not help me.

    This situation is about Girl1, a hired gun in a place I am regular. She started to talk and flirt with me from the very first moment.
    I said to her that "she is a bad influence". When I kino her she kinoes me back.
    One day I was talking on the phone and she said "I am watching you.". She complained that I was spying on her while she was talking on the phone : it was flirting obviously because I was not spying her. She said "So you are meeting a couple of women, huh?". I asked her if she is studying and where she is from.
    Finally, something unexpected happened. One evening I was about to pay and one of the waitresses (Girl2) said happily that "Girl1 likes you.". Because there was some talking behind the scenes about the situation.
    The following day Girl1 cold read me with "You seem you are down. Don't tell me you are not.". She disagreed with me for reading a newspaper. (OK there was nothing wrong for reading a newspaper).
    Now, I have to decide what to do. Girl1 is not going to be there waiting for ever but she keeps flirting and flirting.
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    What are you waiting for? Grow some balls and give her something to agree to do with you.


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      My experience; If a girl has flirted with you for a while, but no progress was made, it means one out of two things:
      -She is restraining it, and only wants the flirt.
      -You are restraining it, through your inability to turn up the heat of the interaction.

      Her mind wont change over night.
      Your ability wont increase over night.

      So in either case, time to focus on other girls.
      (Keep the flirt going if you enjoy it for what it is, but dont expect more.)


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        Uncle Walker,
        I think your suggestion has been discussed during the past. Asking her out will not overcome the issue. Since I am here struggling for a solution it means 90 percent that the solution is not that simple. I normally do not flirt this kind of girls. I know before the situation starts that I am looking for obstacles. I don't want to appear harsh with the girl, but I don't believe in "easy" solutions. I hope that I am wrong, of course... In my experience asking such a girl out will give me a little rejection which I will overcome when she asks me out. This girl is a living proof that educated girls are not better than girls of lower education level like Girl1, because she is there flirting whilst an educated girl does not often show her intelligence.

        I kept thinking about that as well. There is something someone else could do better. This girl reminds me one of my past time wasters. I start thinking about my past experiences as well. I started a thread which opens lots of possibilities for an endless discussion. In fact, there is no room for much discussion. I use an unofficial term for these girls: slightly problematic. There was a girl with a similar behavior (cocktease) in my town and players in my place used to describe her as "a bitch nobody likes" (it depends on the person I think, every girl is different).

        One other possibility is: she either wants a LTR or she wants to take it slowly. (but I don't want to think it that way). I am perplexed because she reciprocated my kino with kino, which I could not explain but I think it is not good. I think that there is room for something good with her but it will take some time.


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          Few questions you need to ask yourself..

          Do you want to fuck her fast? Do you know how to have fast sex?

          Dobyou know what you want with women overall? Do you want a gf?

          These all affect you obviously, and the only issue is your lack of foresight tonlead her to sex, which is what "she likes you" means.

          My plan, maintain same demanor, more towards end of her shift.. then after flirting, say "come with mr after work and lets grab drinks.." or something congruent to your personality.

          Once you know where you want to go its easier to find the vehicle and follow a map.
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            Cactus eyes,

            I think your advice gives me a clear vision of what I can do with that girl. I think I have delayed to do the right things like the one you described. I published a long ass post in this thread (see above) which included some of my limiting beliefs, but I will take some action if it necessary. I think in every case a meeting after work, a Day1 or whatever is possible. Every "unknown" situ creates a short of confusion to me, but I think very often the simplest explanation is the best explanation.
            I have never used sexual lines (and I never will) because I think these are for the extremely confident men.

            I think that I was the only one who supported ijjjjji in this thread, since he posted valuable advice.
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