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Zumba Class and how aggressive to be

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  • Zumba Class and how aggressive to be

    Hi all,

    I went to a morning Zumba Class that I hadn't been to in a while and while doing my usual "Hi I'm joseph" with a few of the girls. I came back to one who was near me and started talking with her casually about what brought her here, etc. and she began telling me that she was college Lacrosse player and after moving to Arizona from Oregon that she realized the only way she was going to stay fit was by a group setting with someone telling her what to do. I teased her a bit about being a University of Oregon grad in Arizona State territory (Pac-12 rivals) and we got to laughing and cracking up about different things.

    I could see her eyes dilating and other obviousl IoI's and I felt like I could have pulled the trigger then with a bit more sneaky kino and pull her from there post class. I thought kind of better of it because:

    1. I have read that you should try not to be too aggressive in gym setting because you don't want to come of as "That guy" that's was always hitting on the girls. (I make sure I NEVER come off or behave creepy because that's not me. I try to be playful and just have a good time)

    2. There are SOOO many other's in this class, I think if I play my cards right I can have a few others in there...

    So I am asking, was I wrong for holding back "i.e. pulling her aside and getting her number, a bit more kino to reinforce the encounter and meet later" or
    Did I play it right by playing it cool and keep my options open? (I always tease some of the girls and talk to them while we are going through the class, so its fun)

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    Did she hint about doing something together? If not, more gaming required.
    Good work. Keep it up.


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      Originally posted by ijjjji View Post
      Did she hint about doing something together?
      Not sure because I was so in the moment of just talking and kidding with her. I'm it was just a matter of asking her as I think back on it. Appreciate the feedback and thanks.


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        As a follow-up today I was bit more aggresive (and tired) and I came across coming on too strong.. I could tell from the feedback I was getting...Its hard to calibrate and I think being tired made me just go too hard...


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          From my 1-year-Salsa-class experience (got 6 girls there, could be much more but 1 girl was so cool that I made her a high-end MLTR so this field wasn't sargable anymore to avoid drama), if you like the place you should play slow, social circle game. If I were you I would be a fun, charismatic guy who hits on everything and everyone, befriend the guys, befriend the teachers, enjoying my time, while DISCREETLY inviting girls to cafe and date and fuck them, like "it just happens and we shouldn't talk about it publicly"

          If you don't care about the place, then do as you please.


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            Thanks Sofasttt. I do kind of care about the place so I will take your advise and be discreet. I have a feeling, that girls will just eventually "Just happen" to run into me outside of class, I think that's what happened after my Sunday class, because I SWEAR I never saw this girl that I talked with afterwards in the

            I been kind of friends with the instructor on Facebook (I went to his first private studio class, etc.) so I have a little status there and I'm naturally outgoing and fun within the class
            (I would LOVE to try a Salsa class because I suck at it :-D, so good for you!