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    Went out tonight but no cute/hot girls. Was crazy. I DID text a girl who's number I got from online tho.

    EDIT: For those of you who saw my original post, she texted me back and we had some back-and-forth. I'm realizing I gotta give girls time and space lol.

    Anyhow, here's the convo:


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      Sarge, as a general rule if I invite a girl out/over she either
      1) is interested and will want to meet up to my proposition
      2) not available / completely sure and she will attempt to reschedule / let's you know her concern in a cool way

      After one first invitation don't question it and convince her.. that will only reaffirm her "no" feeling..

      Sometimes it can take three weeks after I invite a girl over and she declined/ignored it.. I just let it be - grey zone
      Then I get surprise messages out of the blue

      Regarding the action: 2-3 sets a day is perfectly do-able for a few weeks. Measure progress over weeks or months.. the real stuff happens more over 3 weeks - 2 month periods I'd say... (yeah weird estimate.. but IMO shorter than that could be random fluctuations)

      IMO its important to keep the habit.. push through bad days and get up again... once in a while just take a week or two off
      Else you'll not benefit from the momentum (like ur muscles gotta be conditioned to be in a fight so you can think more ot the tactic instead of worrying about keeping ur hands up)...
      Off time is great after youve been out a lot!


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        sarge you need 10 plus sets when you go out 200 in 3 months ....1 or 2 a day is not enough you need to flood yourself with sets get better!!!! ,to keep momentum going etc!!!!


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          Originally posted by Grodmeister General View Post
          sarge you need 10 plus sets when you go out 200 in 3 months ....1 or 2 a day is not enough you need to flood yourself with sets get better!!!! ,to keep momentum going etc!!!!
          Dude I literally have no time right now. I have a TON of stuff to do to make sure my life doesn't go down the drain in the next few years. And that's more important than getting good with girls, so I'm doing what I can.


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            All the women I meet do the same omissions. It is like they have somehow talked to each other, lol.
            - They never ask me out.
            - They never offer their number without my asking for it.
            - They ask relationship questions like : "Are you single?", "How many girlfriends did you have? "
            - They convey too much interest which is incogruent with the rest of their actions.


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              Originally posted by Dateathome View Post

              All the women I meet do the same omissions. It is like they have somehow talked to each other, lol.
              - They never ask me out.
              - They never offer their number without my asking for it.
              - They ask relationship questions like : "Are you single?", "How many girlfriends did you have? "
              - They convey too much interest which is incogruent with the rest of their actions.
              I don't know how to respond to this post, it doesn't seem relevant to me. o.O

              Anyhow, I'm gonna do some daygame later tonight (heh).

              Aside from that, I'm getting into weird mind-fuck territory right now. Reading lots of contradictory stuff on the forum lately. Doing a number on my sanity.

              Don't be a "people-pleaser" but give people what they want. whaaaaa? lol


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                Answers in bold

                Originally posted by Impulse View Post
                Sarge, some questions for you.

                Im asking this because it will confirm a few things to me. Once you reply i'll tell you and help you along:

                1. What time do you get up every day?
                2. What foods do you eat every day? Ie whats your typical diet
                Everyday is the same:

                *Oat Shake:
                1 1/2 cup oats (80g): 450 Cals 15g Protein 7.5g Fat 12g Fibre 0mg Sodium

                1 cup milk (243ml): 130 Cals 9g Protein 5g Fat 0g Fibre 80mg Sodium

                1 Cup Greek Yogurt (259ml): 148 Cals 24g Protein 0g fat 0g Fibre 120mg Sodium

                3 scoop Whey Concentrate (90g): 381 cals 72g protein 7.5g fat 0g fibre 105mg sodium

                1 Scoop VegEssential All-in-One: 190 cals 27g protein 5g fat 7g fibre 0mg sodium

                Roast Beef Sandwich:
                2 Slices Light Rye Bread: 140 cals 6g Protein 0.5g Fat 3g Fibre 320mg sodium
                100g Roast Beef: 267 cals 25.91g protein 17.32g fat 0g fibre 217mg sodium
                Tbsp Sauerkraut: 5 cals 0g Protein 0g Fat 1g Fibre 200mg sodium
                3 Slices Monterey Jack (41g): 104 cals 7g protein 8g fat 0g fibre 150mg sodium
                2 Slices Tomato (100g): 18 cals 1g protein 0g fat 1g fibre 5mg sodium

                *Protein Shake:
                2 scoop GNC Whey ISO Burst (1/2 Serving): 170 Cals 40g Protein 1g Fat 2.26g Fibre 63mg Sodium
                1 cup milk (243ml): 130 Cals 9g Protein 5g Fat 0g Fibre 80mg Sodium
                tsp Salt: 1710 mg sodium

                1 Avocado

                * Pizza: 390 cals 22.5g protein 13.5g fat 3g fibre 975mg sodium

                3. How is your relationship with your mother and sister (if applicable)?
                Not good with mom. she treats me like I'm still a kid so I don't talk to her much. she also shit tests me and is on her way to being homeless.

                No sisters.
                4. How much do you weigh and height. Do you have a flat belly or fat belly?
                Fat belly.

                Height: 6"1
                Weight: 165.3 lbs



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                  Dude, I can't respond without coming across as a dick. I'm sorry, but I'm frustrated because I read the same analysis on forums whenever the mom issue comes up.

                  I've forgiven her and moved on. I'm also in therapy (I'm SURE I mentioned that before) and am making strides.

                  What I NEED to learn about game is apparently not known. I've trie4d many times to get answers but I take it from the lack of forthcoming info that no one knows. That's fine, it's as you say, my own path to follow.

                  Again, I don't want to be ungrateful, but if I'm 100% honest, I'm very angry right now because I'm doing all that stuff and more, but it's not working.

                  In fact, today I tried the ol' "give value" thing and got people disrespecting me everywhere I went. So let's just say my current view on things is that it's deeper, more complicated, and does not work how most people thinks it does.

                  Please try to refrain from being my counselor. I HAVE ONE.

                  Thank you for your understanding.


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                    Originally posted by Impulse View Post
                    Frustration in this case is a good thing means your issue is actually straight forward. It also means you havent resolved the things you said you had.

                    But yeh...I guess you'll need to figure that out yourself on your own path :P

                    I would recommend you read this book:

                    Its called Money And The Law Of Attraction By Esther And Jerry Hicks

                    Buy it today and apply what you read to your situation, and you'll get about 95% of all your answers. But you'll need to read it about 20 times..ive probably read it about 100 times now and still it amazes me how bang on it is.

                    Your counsellor in my opinion is doing you more harm than good...if your counsellor was working you would never be angry or frustrated like this. It means your pulling on negative energies, therefore re-creating it in your life. You may pretend that the negative energies aren't there, but the proof is in what your feeling. Feeling tells you where you really are and what energy state you are in. Not the words or surface level of things.

                    You could also maybe do with a bit of hypnosis maybe? To change subconscious beliefs. There are many hypnosis programs for becoming more conversational with people and developing confidence/happiness in relation to others..I would recommend those alongside the counselling

                    I would say hypnosis and studying the book mentioned will work well for you
                    You know nothing lol.

                    I'll tell you this (on the off chance you know what you're talking about):

                    The only time I've had positive reactions from people was when I HATED them and felt like shit.

                    If you can explain WHY then I'll take you seriously, if not, you can fuck off.


                    • Originally posted by Impulse View Post
                      Im not talking about your individual interactions with talking about your subconscious mind and what its projecting. You need to change that

                      I think hypnosis will be good for you
                      I'm using a subliminal audio tape. Can't afford hypnosis.

                      Originally posted by Impulse View Post
                      As for people giving +ve reactions to you when you hated them, most likely its because they were seeking validation, or saw you as a threat, or because you were being genuine to them (or a bit of all of these)
                      YES! And this is what I'm thinking (which is what no one seems to be able or willing to talk about.) Which is that I think that being genuine and congruent is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than anything.

                      However, where does game come in? Well, you have to run game that is congruent with YOU. (Case in point, since reading stuff on here my results dropped with that milf. I was doing fine till I took some advice, it wasn't congruent, and I lost her)

                      I think (hope, really) that all I need to do is find out 2 things:

                      1. What is the POINT of seducing a girl (end goal. I used to think it was sex, now I'm reading it's bonding or marriage which is weird but whatever) those are the fundamentals that can't be changed (i.e. how human interactions work)

                      2. How to accomplish the point using my congruent self.

                      Does that make sense? I know it probably doesn't but this is seriously the way. Forget all the other BS. You're right, therapy has taken me farther away, but so has listening to a lot of what you guys say on HERE.

                      Care to ask me why I think that is?

                      I think that it's because it works differently than you think.

                      For example, you think you need "good energy" but I tell you I've hated girls and had them making bambi eyes at me and follow me around like lost puppies. That's NOT good energy tho, so good energy CAN'T BE IT otherwise good energy would always work, and bad energy would always NOT work.

                      Do you see?

                      That's why I'm saying I know what I'm talking about, and I know what I need to figure out. Forget all the woowoo stuff, and help me understand the things I'm trying to understand.

                      The equivalent is in sales I know a few things:

                      1. The End Goal is the sale (appointment in my case).
                      I also know that in order to get there I need:

                      - to be genuine,
                      - show people I care,
                      - know my shit, and
                      - can help people get what they need.

                      2. Because of those things I can do ANYTHING within those parameters and bam, I get sales. Whenever I DON'T get sales it's because I'm straying from those parameters.

                      GAME needs the same thing (and I know it HAS the same things, you guys just don't talk about it).

                      Originally posted by Impulse View Post
                      But..I dont believe thats right..what about that date you went on? That was you acting positively and you got a positive what your saying about people only acting positive when you show hate is false.
                      Yes, but again, I didn't hate this girl. So your theory on being genuine seems right to me.

                      And again, when did I lose her? When I ran INCONGRUENT text game!

                      Originally posted by Impulse View Post
                      Which tells me that your thin slicing your information based on bad thinking. And that bad thinking can come from the wrong subconscious beliefs or because you're experiencing the wrong feelings. Which ultimately boils down to your subconscious programs

                      I would honestly advise this to you:

                      1. Tell everyone here what your counselling and therapy entails. Then you'll get an independent opinion as to whether its bullshit or not. It seems its doing jack shit if your still in the same cycles, and routinely experiencing anger and frustration still.

                      2. Try some hypnosis - especially hypnosis to improve conversation skills and be liked by people - it will take time to work but the key is to be persistent and keep doing it. There are plenty of hypnosis mp3 stores online where you can buy cheap but effective hypnosis

                      3. Buy Money And The Law Of Attraction By Esther And Jerry Hicks. Read it and understand it and apply it.
                      I'll hold those in reserve because I have far more faith in the above.

                      Did I mention I'm in sales? To this DAY I can't get sales as a happy, value-giving salesman. It's only when I look at people's daughters with dirty thoughts or the woman who opens the door, and only when I feel like shit and hate everyone can I get sales (appointments actually, same thing tho).

                      So seriously, genuine is KEY and I just need to figure out how to apply game to it. Help me do that, it's the only way.


                      • Originally posted by Impulse View Post
                        Subliminals are advanced...not many people know how to use it effectively

                        You will do better with hypnosis..will only cost you 10 bucks for an mp3
                        Dude, I'm not interested, ok?

                        Now I see once again you can't actually help me with what I'm asking, so let's leave it.


                        • Originally posted by Impulse View Post
                          I didnt read what you were asking...sorry I didnt have time to reply

                          If your using a subliminal tape your going to cause yourself problems, because its clear you dont know what your doing.

                          And subliminals wont make you genuine at all...far for it...

                          But'll have to figure this out yourself...its going around in circles again

                          EDIT: Ok read more of what you wrote: You dont need to be more genuine...youve spent 28 years being the person you saying you dont want to be you? Your focus is on the wrong thing. What youll find when "you become more genuine" is that another thing will then become the issue.

                          I say: Your pussy footing need to get out there and take massive decisive action. Make a list of the fundamentals you need to get in check, and go do them. You then either have results or you have excuses. Right now your making excuses saying "I need to have this thing, I dont have it right now". By law of attraction, focus on lack or trying to cure some deficiency will re-create the lack or deficiency even more.

                          You have everything you need "internally" as it were. Anything you want to adjust internally must come because of the joy of the experience, not because of curing any deficiency which you're doing here.

                          What your doing here is thin slicing based on your experiences and masquerading it as "wisdom". The same nonsense that has kept you a virgin all these years is the same nonsense and way of thinking that your doing now and will keep you there

                          Time to step up dude. Get the fundamentals in check and go meet more people.

                          Your goal now is less talk and rationalising about "whats wrong with me" and more action, by getting the fundamentals in check and using those. Right now your doing fuck all.
                          What exactly am I "pussy footing around"??

                          If anyone is pretending to be "wise" it's you.

                          I already:

                          Hit the gym 5-6x a week and am putting on weight every week.
                          Have a solid diet.
                          Talk to girls everyday online and approach in person when I can.
                          Have a good fashion style thanks to one of the guys on here (forget his username. His name is Darius)

                          So what EXACTLY am I pussy footing around?


                          • Originally posted by Impulse View Post
                            IMHO this isnt need to 10X things..ive told you this already

                            But anyway..looks like you have a while to go yet

                            Here are some things id consider adding in:

                            - daily deep breathing exercises and meditation (wim hof)
                            - limited amounts of EFT and TRE
                            - going out regularly every weekend - bars/clubs
                            - more organic foods
                            - limited amounts of hypnosis
                            - self love exercises (daily)

                            Good luck :P
                            Lol. Oh my god. I don't even know what to say to you anymore.


                            • Originally posted by Impulse View Post
                              ^If you need a breakdown of why those things are required for you, then let me know. You wanted to be more genuine...all of those will assist with that

                              But after that, you're on your own :P :P

                              The things your doing at the moment are just you "getting by" - these arent massive decisive action and 10X things at all.
                              Dude, if I 10x going to the gym that means I'd be going to the gym 50-60 times a week (only half joking, you see my point I hope)

                              The point is (in case you DON'T): Feel good "relaxing" shit doesn't help when you DON'T have the SKILLS required!

                              Imagine I wanted a job in IT (you're in IT, aren't you?) but let's say I didn't know how to run code. Would relaxation, TRE, meditation, feeling good about myself, resolving my issues with my mother, and all that help me? NO! It would NOT.

                              THAT is the point. I don't have the skills needed to talk to women and attract them successfully.

                              I've approached hundreds of women in person and more or less have NO AA yet nothing ever happens. Why? I'm relaxed! It should work, right?

                              No, it's because I don't have the skill.

                              And the skills I need are what I'm brtinging up but you KEEP IGNORING because you're a fucking KJ troll.

                              I don't give a FUCK about any of this SHIT you posted. Give me something USEFUL and STOP WASTING MY TIME.


                              • Originally posted by Impulse View Post
                                Ok, I take what you say as a fancy way of saying "I dont know what your talking about"
                                No, take it as a non fancy way of saying what I said in the post (don't over analyze my posts dude. I'm as plain-speaking as they come)

                                Originally posted by Impulse View Post
                                Do you want me to explain what im talking about?
                                No, I actually don't.

                                Originally posted by Impulse View Post
                                Your totally and completely 10000% wrong. All of those would actually 10000% help you learn code..this is what your not getting.....
                                LOL! You're telling me that without reading ANY books on code, without getting instructed by someone, and without doing anything OTHER than TRE, and alkl that other BS, I can write code for IT?? Dude, that's AWESOME!

                                I've been trying to learn IT and I've spent money on courses and shit that I should just throw out and get a refund cause "All I need is TRE" (TM)

                                Originally posted by Impulse View Post
                                I didnt have to do any kind of skill building to learn conversation with other happened naturally because I had the right program unlocked at the start. Serial killers, rapists, paedophiles and other social psychos all have normal conversation and other skills..but somehow you're telling me you dont? I call serial bullshit.
                                That's actually a fair point (the ONLY one you've made, mind you), yet how come I can be 100% calm and "zen" when talking to girls but still not manage to fuck them? I have to be doing SOMETHING wrong in the convos. I'm not BSing either man, when I talk to people in general I don't get the point.