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  • Latest weird online convo:

    Her: hi how are u

    Me: I'm good babe, hbu?

    Her: what u up to this weekend

    Me: Busy Saturday but other than that I'm free, u?

    Her: Ok

    Me: Why?

    [Seriously, wtf?]


    • Another wtf moment:

      me: hey sugar

      her: Hey! Whatís your favourite kind of sandwich..

      me: Rueben

      [no answer]


      • So annoying. Keep in mind this girl knows Iím out of town Wednesday:

        me: so, whatís your schedule like this week?

        her: well Iím planning to see a movie with my friend this Saturday but other than that Iím free

        Me: cool, well if youíre up for it letís grab a drink tomorrow

        her: I canít Iím baby sitting for a friend, but we can when you get back

        Like wtf? After she just said she had nothing going on. I swear girls just donít want to go out with me. I have no idea why they interact with me. Itís definitely not because they want to go out.

        also itís worth noting this girl was prepared to meet me this last Friday or Saturday but I was busy and couldnít. I suggested Sunday but she wasnít sure she could. She didnít get back to me Sunday so I pinged her today.


        • Delenclos talked about red flags and that seems to be the theme today.

          for example yesterday online this girl and I had a very smooth, fun, and engaging convo before agreeing to meet for coffee next week. She then seemed super insecure about the meet saying sometimes she shows up to the place and the guy stands her up and sheís stuck there so she said sheíd contact me the day before to confirm. All good. But then today she messaged me:

          her: how are you?

          me: hey, Iím good hbu?

          then she ghosted. So I took that as a weird as fuck behaviour and I blocked her.



          • So, my best opener by far in terms of replies is ďhey sugarĒ.

            however, most girls donít reply, and the majority of girls that do simply say: hey/hi/hello/hey how are you?/etc but when I reply to those I get ghosted.

            my standard reply is either: sup?/howís your day going?/what brings you to pof?

            not sure if I need a new opener but I definitely need a better follow up line. Problem is, I donít know how to decide on one. What does the girl want in the follow up line or what should I convey?


            • Lately Iím hitting a rough patch. It seems like girls are psychic. Observe:

              me: you look like trouble

              her: incorrect! All I do is work and pet my cats *shrug emoji*

              me: cat lady huh? So what brings you to pof?

              her: Iím not looking for fwb

              me: good to know, what is you looking for?


              • Wtf moment:

                Me and this girl setting plans for date Sunday night:

                her: do you work Monday?

                me: yes I do, y?

                her: k me too, haha so no late night

                me: I donít generally put out on the first date, youíll have to wine and dine me

                her: perfect, me too

                just, bruh.

                Like, wtf? That line is supposed to set a flirty tone not engage her ďmake him waitĒ alarm. Fuck


                • Closing line thatís working for me I.e. led to a SNL and today a first date with a French kiss close. Here it is:

                  me: you could invite me over or, if youíre really adventurous, we could go for a drink/to Starbucks.


                  • A girl just messaged me online. When I clicked on the alert I found she had blocked me and yet we had planned a date for this Sunday. Wtf? Does that happen normally? Seems odd