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  • Latest weird online convo:

    Her: hi how are u

    Me: I'm good babe, hbu?

    Her: what u up to this weekend

    Me: Busy Saturday but other than that I'm free, u?

    Her: Ok

    Me: Why?

    [Seriously, wtf?]


    • Another wtf moment:

      me: hey sugar

      her: Hey! Whatís your favourite kind of sandwich..

      me: Rueben

      [no answer]


      • So annoying. Keep in mind this girl knows Iím out of town Wednesday:

        me: so, whatís your schedule like this week?

        her: well Iím planning to see a movie with my friend this Saturday but other than that Iím free

        Me: cool, well if youíre up for it letís grab a drink tomorrow

        her: I canít Iím baby sitting for a friend, but we can when you get back

        Like wtf? After she just said she had nothing going on. I swear girls just donít want to go out with me. I have no idea why they interact with me. Itís definitely not because they want to go out.

        also itís worth noting this girl was prepared to meet me this last Friday or Saturday but I was busy and couldnít. I suggested Sunday but she wasnít sure she could. She didnít get back to me Sunday so I pinged her today.


        • Delenclos talked about red flags and that seems to be the theme today.

          for example yesterday online this girl and I had a very smooth, fun, and engaging convo before agreeing to meet for coffee next week. She then seemed super insecure about the meet saying sometimes she shows up to the place and the guy stands her up and sheís stuck there so she said sheíd contact me the day before to confirm. All good. But then today she messaged me:

          her: how are you?

          me: hey, Iím good hbu?

          then she ghosted. So I took that as a weird as fuck behaviour and I blocked her.



          • So, my best opener by far in terms of replies is ďhey sugarĒ.

            however, most girls donít reply, and the majority of girls that do simply say: hey/hi/hello/hey how are you?/etc but when I reply to those I get ghosted.

            my standard reply is either: sup?/howís your day going?/what brings you to pof?

            not sure if I need a new opener but I definitely need a better follow up line. Problem is, I donít know how to decide on one. What does the girl want in the follow up line or what should I convey?


            • Lately Iím hitting a rough patch. It seems like girls are psychic. Observe:

              me: you look like trouble

              her: incorrect! All I do is work and pet my cats *shrug emoji*

              me: cat lady huh? So what brings you to pof?

              her: Iím not looking for fwb

              me: good to know, what is you looking for?


              • Wtf moment:

                Me and this girl setting plans for date Sunday night:

                her: do you work Monday?

                me: yes I do, y?

                her: k me too, haha so no late night

                me: I donít generally put out on the first date, youíll have to wine and dine me

                her: perfect, me too

                just, bruh.

                Like, wtf? That line is supposed to set a flirty tone not engage her ďmake him waitĒ alarm. Fuck


                • Closing line thatís working for me I.e. led to a SNL and today a first date with a French kiss close. Here it is:

                  me: you could invite me over or, if youíre really adventurous, we could go for a drink/to Starbucks.


                  • A girl just messaged me online. When I clicked on the alert I found she had blocked me and yet we had planned a date for this Sunday. Wtf? Does that happen normally? Seems odd


                    • Caught a gold digger:



                      • SargeMaximus


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                        Ok, thanks.

                        Our house is in another province, 11 hour drive away. Perhaps when I have money i can take a plane to pick it up but I do hope the post office has an option for me.

                        Now that I’m on this line of thinking (better sex for the woman, which I still think is demeaning and submissive) I’m thinking about getting my penis enhanced as well. 10” with 4” girth is what I’d like

                    • I found a Tinder Profile suggestion online (PDF, can't remember where to download). Anyhow it has 3 tinder profiles you can copy and I chose this one:

                      "A tall dark stranger knocks at your door while youíre sleeping. Youíve left the door open. He walks in and immediately locks you into submission before you have a chance to scream muffling your cries with his hand. He blindfolds and gags you with panties that he tore off just a second before.

                      He licks every inch of your body pinching your nipples gently. You want to cry in pleasure but canít. He slaps your face then kisses your cheeks and neck biting in between.

                      Dont match if you canít handle it"

                      Supposedly it attracts girls that will let you do pretty much anything to them which is what I wanted.

                      Anyhow within seconds of updating my profile and swiping I got a match with a cute girl:

                      Her: *GIF DAAAAAYYYYUUUUUUMMM*

                      Me: *GIF of a guy slapping a girl in a bikini's ass*

                      Her: Haha! We're gonna get along swimmingly

                      Me: Yeah, it'll never work between us, we'll have too much fun together *CREDIT SKILLS FOR THIS LINE* [She liked this]

                      Her: We should just quit before we even start

                      Me: True

                      Her: You win.
                      Her: First time a reading a Tinder profile has made me wet

                      Me: Delicious. What you up to?

                      Her: Wrapping gifts
                      Her: You?

                      Me: Laying in bed

                      Her: *GIF O RLY?!

                      Me: *GIF James Franco Winking* [She liked this]

                      Her: How tall are you?

                      Me: 6"/6"1

                      Her: Where r u? [my city]

                      Me: Yeah, wbu?

                      Her: [some place in the U.S., I'm in Canada]

                      Me: Oh shit

                      Her: *Pic of girl clutching her heart looking devastated*

                      Her: Do you not cross borders to stuff panties into the mouths of American women?

                      Me: Not for the first encounter, no

                      Her: Haha, I'm up in [my city] often enough.
                      Her: But I'm disappointed in my ability to entice you into coming down my way.

                      Me: Good sex will entice me When are you up next?

                      Her: When you ask me to be
                      Her: But actually not available till after New Year's Day.

                      Me: Good girl
                      Same, after New Years is best. Maybe even the following week. I'm not sure yet. In the meantime, send daddy a pic of you naked

                      Her: Contact me on WhatsAppor via text... ###-###-####. we can also play around on SnapChat, Instagram.

                      Me: I only text

                      Her: [Instagram ID]
                      Her: That is fine

                      Me: One sec

                      So I texted her, here's the text convo:

                      Me: Hey

                      Her: *Sends naked full-body selfie*
                      Her: Hi.

                      Me: Fuck the things I'll do to you

                      Her: Was that... "Fuck!!!The things I'll do to you.?" Like... a good thing? Or " fuck the thing I'll do to you... like "never mind"... a bad thing?

                      Me: It's a good thing
                      Me: I'll ravage you

                      Her: Mmmm.

                      Me: Make you my whore

                      Her: Can't wait.

                      Me: Same. I gotta go tho, we'll talk soon. Have a wet dream about me

                      Her: Nite.

                      So... My question to the community is:

                      1. Do I have to meet her expectations or can I really do what I want with her? I'm basically looking for a style of game that blows the girl away so much she just feels lucky to have me touching her so I can do what I want. I'm concerned, of course, of my ED and PE that are a constant thing and hope that my game is so good she'll overlook the issues. The way I see it many girls are with guys that aren't sex-gods, but not many are with guys with good game so if I have one, I hope the other won't be a problem.


                      • Your setting expectations too high. I used to do this as well early on, when I was full of shit about my sex game. What ended up happening is, I *did* end up fucking the girl, but then she didn't want to see me again because not only did I fail to live up to expectations, it was pretty shitty sex as well. Ask yourself: are those 10-30 seconds of sex really worth it, for the amount of effort you put in to seduction?

                        Now a days, my game doesn't have to be "blow her away" good. All I gotta do is get the girl into bed. My sex game takes care of the rest.

                        This is you focusing on Short Term gain vs Long Term gain. I suggest you optimize for the latter, if you want to have long term fuckbuddies.

                        Last time I spoke to you, you said, you were going to take skills PE advice and, look into priligy. Did you follow up, or are you still procrastinating?
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                        • SargeMaximus


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                          So it’s beginning to seem to me that game isn’t needed so long as you have a big dick and can fuck for a long time.

                          My dick is already fucked up. PE and ED. I don’t have much to lose

                        • SargeMaximus


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                          Halotestin is toxic. Doesn’t seem to be viable, what made you suggest it? Nothing I’m reading suggests it is a male member enhancement

                        • SargeMaximus


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                          Ok, thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I’ve always wanted a big dick even though I’m average. I’ll definitely message that guy.

                          And yeah what sex book would you recommend? I’ve started doing kegels again. I just hope the pills put me into 10+ minutes of constant thrusting. That would be decent.

                      • Onlinepharmaciescanada took me to a page that said they donít ship to Canada. Just that sentence. The other one requires a valid prescription


                        • Velasco


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                          call them 1-877-536-8162

                      • I'd DM about Halotestin. He's the one that recommended it. He knows his shit wrt drugs.

                        "So itís beginning to seem to me that game isnít needed so long as you have a big dick and can fuck for a long time".

                        Fucking a long time doesn't = good in bed. But you DO need to last longer than 30 seconds tho. That's what the pills are for. They ain't gonna magically turn you into a sex god overnight. Go read a book about sex, once you have the pills. Cause studying that and applying it, WILL make you a sex god.

                        After that, once you know you can rock a girls world in the bedroom, it'll gives you this massive confident vibe when you're out gaming girls, that they can feel. But game is still needed. Tell girls, you gotta big dick then expecting them to go home with you, isn't a solid long term strategy.
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                        • SargeMaximus


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                          Oops, I responded to this a few posts above.

                      • - i really don't like getting involve in sarge post,(cause everything gets taking out of context and become a huge cluster fuck) but since everybody reads as it comes up in the general forum latest activities, for the sake of the public here are some general observations:

                        - if you are less than 38, you should not be relying on pills and the likes. With that being said they are good for "FIRST IMPRESSIONS" in any age, as i said there are some over the counter ones (the one i recommend is considered mexican viagra)

                        - there are very similar ones over the counter and in gas station mostly sex shop have those pills available...

                        - i will however disagree with velacio even though he is right ( i call it over promise and under deliver) you can see that lay report how cringe.... Though methods such as grandmater style, explicit advocate in their description some of what sarge is doing:

                        Contributed to ASF by Nathan Szilard, this is the description of the technique used by a PUA acquaintance of his nick-named Grand Master Flashís. Hence the name GM technique. The key here is smutty sex jokes and continuous humorous sex-talk with keen attention to how the girl reacts, so as to forestall any negative reactions (and you can be sure, there will be plenty in the beginning! by saying ďjust kiddingĒ, giving an ďapologeticĒ hug to the girl etc. The reasoning here is this, that if the girl has no chance to express her negative comments about sex-jokes and -comments, this translates in her subconsciousness to agreeing and accepting what is being said. The defences will eventually go down, she has to imagine all the sex-jokes in her mind in order to understand them, and although she might be disgusted or repelled about them in the first place, she wonít be able to express her negativism, her mind is bombarded with more sexual references, she just keeps imagining and before she knows it, nature kicks in andÖ sheís getting horny Simple But potentially dangerous as hell Ė you really need to be in your element with all the sex jokes and keep ďjust kiddingĒ in time not to get slapped in the beginning etc. otherwise you could fail miserably Nathan Szilard on GM Flash and his technique, ASF: ďThatís his aggressive style.Basically he told them he wanted to fuck from the beginning. He had the attitude that he could satisfy them sexually. He had the confidence that says he does this all the time. He was in their face. He was making them excited. He was stimulating them like they are not USED TO being stimulated. If they were going to resist, they would have resisted when he first told them what he wanted from them. There is the INCORRECT assumption that chicks donít like DICK! They love it and they want it! The problem is they want it from the guys they want it from. All he has to do is offer them the SECOND best thingÖ sexual satisfaction as opposed to sex with a man they WANT! He doesnít even have to satisfy them Itís too late by the time heís fucking them! All he has to do is make them BELIEVE that if they get with him he is going to fuck them WELL! They couldnít resist because at some point they became HORNY and wanted that RELEASE!Ē

                        I also make similar points in

                        But yeah the problem is she may be dissapointed with the sexual performance, but in my experience even if sex was bad they stick around cause, nobody really expect the first time to be the greatest anyways...(however after hygine i consider sex to be super super super super super important more than game)

                        -relying on pills is not a long term solution but a crutch... The reason i use pills is cause i am to the point of being numb to sex (i am oversexed) and I do a lot of condomless sex so i use pills so i am able to use a condom... But again sarge is still young... And i only use pill on first encounter.


                        • SargeMaximus


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                          The problem is I have ED and PE. I need a solution that works. I want to fuck a long time because I like the feeling of sex more than cumming. Believe it or not.

                          But yeah like I was saying, in the meantime as I work on this I still need to get laid.

                          But what you’re saying skills (and I’m probably misinterpreting) is that girls still stick around even if sex is bad with you. Is that right?

                          If so why do you think they are sticking around? Your game? Thanks.

                          EDIT: also, another reason why I think I should go for my pleasure only is because every girl I’ve been in bed with I’ve given multiple orgasms. Last girl was at least 4 times, shaking orgasms yet she don’t want to see me again.

                        • Skills360


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                          I said in most cases depending on the person and attractiveness level most girls that are INVESTED A LOT, will forgive bad performance in SOME CASES, the first to 3rd time only, but you are walking a thin line, since a player with good sex skills could come in and you know what could happen.... I made a post just for you with a technique that you can use for pe did you try that technique?????? the way i laid it out??


                        • SargeMaximus


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                          Yes I already edge ie jerk off and stop before cumming but my dick seems to be getting MORE sensitive as I can’t do it as long as I used to. I used to be able to edge for hours, now I just can’t its so sensitive.

                          I tried cumming before a date once but I couldn’t get hard. It usually takes 5+ hours before I can get hard again after cumming. The good thing is I’m very hard and not as sensitive after so I could fuck more but I’ve not been able to figure out how to reinitiate sex once im asleep with the girl but wake up with a boner. I tried dry himping once but she didn’t respond. I know she was awake too.

                          As for those pills I read something about them that made me not want to use them. Bad for the heart or something.

                          Kegels I’m getting back into but it’s so much work.