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  • The good news is I can send packages to my local post office. Priligy here I come


    • Originally posted by SargeMaximus View Post
      The good news is I can send packages to my local post office. Priligy here I come
      you can also send to ups store, is called ups holding service (you do not even need a mailbox)

      also you can have a mailbox for like $5 a month.... (but not needed either)


      • SargeMaximus


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        Didn’t know that. Sending mail to the post office is free tho so I’ll stick with that. Thanks anyways.

    • Premature ejaculation is a mental disease, like all other diseases. Taking medicine will only ruin your body not amend anything you want to accomplish.

      All the best pal.


    • How do you deal with ASD when the girl initiated the slutty behaviour? (I got nothing against slutty behaviour but ASD is a thing tearing its ugly head lately)

      for example in one one interaction I asked the girl what brings her to pof and she says ďlooking for new people to fuckĒ and we get straight to setting a date and time to meet and she says things like ďI donít want friends or to date youĒ anyhow now she blocked me and I assume itís asd so yeah how do you protect them from themselves?

      i told her I liked how straightforward she was so I hope she didnít think I was judging her


      • Originally posted by SargeMaximus View Post
        I found a Tinder Profile suggestion online (PDF, can't remember where to download). Anyhow it has 3 tinder profiles you can copy and I chose this one:

        "A tall dark stranger knocks at your door while youíre sleeping. Youíve left the door open. He walks in and immediately locks you into submission before you have a chance to scream muffling your cries with his hand. He blindfolds and gags you with panties that he tore off just a second before.

        He licks every inch of your body pinching your nipples gently. You want to cry in pleasure but canít. He slaps your face then kisses your cheeks and neck biting in between.

        Dont match if you canít handle it"

        Supposedly it attracts girls that will let you do pretty much anything to them which is what I wanted.

        Anyhow within seconds of updating my profile and swiping I got a match with a cute girl:


        Me: *GIF of a guy slapping a girl in a bikini's ass*

        Her: Haha! We're gonna get along swimmingly

        Me: Yeah, it'll never work between us, we'll have too much fun together *CREDIT SKILLS FOR THIS LINE* [She liked this]

        Her: We should just quit before we even start

        Me: True

        Her: You win.
        Her: First time a reading a Tinder profile has made me wet

        Me: Delicious. What you up to?

        Her: Wrapping gifts
        Her: You?

        Me: Laying in bed

        Her: *GIF O RLY?!

        Me: *GIF James Franco Winking* [She liked this]

        Her: How tall are you?

        Me: 6"/6"1

        Her: Where r u? [my city]

        Me: Yeah, wbu?

        Her: [some place in the U.S., I'm in Canada]

        Me: Oh shit

        Her: *Pic of girl clutching her heart looking devastated*

        Her: Do you not cross borders to stuff panties into the mouths of American women?

        Me: Not for the first encounter, no

        Her: Haha, I'm up in [my city] often enough.
        Her: But I'm disappointed in my ability to entice you into coming down my way.

        Me: Good sex will entice me When are you up next?

        Her: When you ask me to be
        Her: But actually not available till after New Year's Day.

        Me: Good girl
        Same, after New Years is best. Maybe even the following week. I'm not sure yet. In the meantime, send daddy a pic of you naked

        Her: Contact me on WhatsAppor via text... ###-###-####. we can also play around on SnapChat, Instagram.

        Me: I only text

        Her: [Instagram ID]
        Her: That is fine

        Me: One sec

        So I texted her, here's the text convo:

        Me: Hey

        Her: *Sends naked full-body selfie*
        Her: Hi.

        Me: Fuck the things I'll do to you

        Her: Was that... "Fuck!!!The things I'll do to you.?" Like... a good thing? Or " fuck the thing I'll do to you... like "never mind"... a bad thing?

        Me: It's a good thing
        Me: I'll ravage you

        Her: Mmmm.

        Me: Make you my whore

        Her: Can't wait.

        Me: Same. I gotta go tho, we'll talk soon. Have a wet dream about me

        Her: Nite.

        So... My question to the community is:

        1. Do I have to meet her expectations or can I really do what I want with her? I'm basically looking for a style of game that blows the girl away so much she just feels lucky to have me touching her so I can do what I want. I'm concerned, of course, of my ED and PE that are a constant thing and hope that my game is so good she'll overlook the issues. The way I see it many girls are with guys that aren't sex-gods, but not many are with guys with good game so if I have one, I hope the other won't be a problem.
        I wouldnít use this tinder profile. I was banned on tinder And okc for TOS violation shortly after changing my profile to this.


        • Woman messaged me online:

          her: Hi Sarge Iím [name]

          me: Hey [name] what brings you to [app]? (Credit POB for the line)

          her: Iím casting for porn. U?

          me: Nice. Iím looking for a porn gig

          her: Sweet! Itís an unpaid gig, if youíre down...

          me: I am

          *no answer for several minutes *

          me: Whereís the casting couch?

          *no answer. This was several hours ago*


          • POBís line just killed a convo with a girl:

            me: Hey sugar (my own line I developed. Freestyling)

            her: Hi

            me: sup girl? (More freestyling)

            her: not much, just about to eat some Cereal. You?

            me: Nice, what kind fruit loops? Iím just about to eat too. ( still freestyling)

            her: * sends picture of fruit loops in bowl* Good guess! LOL
            her: What are you going to eat?

            me: haha awesome! I love fruit loops.(freestyling)
            im going to eat sone chicken (freestyling)
            so what brings you to pof? (POBís line)



            • New convo, girl is real not fake I think because sheís no longer replying :/ fake profiles spam you till they get temoved


              me: hey sugar

              her: hey

              me: sup girl?

              her: just in bed and awake for some reason aha You?

              me: Cozy Iím in bed too

              her: haha yup :P

              me: you gotta stop being so cute, weíll fall in love too fast (credit POB for the line)

              her: sends pic in panties and tank top

              me: a bit overdressed arenít you?

              her: ahaha wasnít too forward then?

              me: not at all, where r u?

              her: Iím in [area] aha you?

              me: thatís not too far but I havenít eaten breakfast yet, do you have food?

              *no response so I thought maybe I could salvage*

              me: Too forward?



              • I How to deal with women being so inquisitive?


                I just said ďpossiblyĒ and she said ďsweet! Touch base later this eveĒ


                • Just.... ugh

                  me: you look like trouble

                  her: why do I look like trouble?

                  me: squinty eyes

                  her: I donít think I am trouble

                  me: thatís what they all say

                  her: true

                  me: what brings you to pof troublemaker? (Variation of POB line)

                  her: just trying to find someone I can connect with

                  me: I hear ya. Had any good experiences so far? (POB second line)


                  • Another:

                    me: you look like trouble

                    her: not at all

                    i just blocked her. Seriously.

                    i think ďhey babeĒ works best but you guys telling me I canít use it so wtf seems your advice is always flying in the face of me experiences


                    • I just watched Todd Vís video on neediness vs. Entitlement (I think thatís the title) anyhow I decided to retext a girl who had gone ghost on me after I asked her what brought her to pof in a way that I would consider needy and viola! Mind = Blown

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                      • SargeMaximus


                        Editing a comment
                        Well if they don’t get back to me in ten minutes I assume ghosting or they not that interested otherwise they’d keep messaging

                      • No More Mr Nice Guy
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                        Jesus, no!

                        Long pauses in text conversations are completely normal. It was in the morning – she could have been in the shower, or eating her breakfast.

                        Of course it’s better if they are responding in a timely manner… That does indicate interest. But if you are going to drop any conversation within 10 minutes, you are going to miss a LOT of opportunities.

                      • SargeMaximus


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                        I hear you. Most girls that don’t respond in 10 minutes never respond tho, but that could be due to bad game. As I’m getting better I’m noticing it gets messy in the way you’re suggesting. However, when asking girls “what’s ur schedule like?” And they are still online for an hour but never get back to you, I treat that as a ghost

                    • Try this one:



                      • Didnít know what to do here so I followed Grant Cardones advice and lost on my own terms:


                        • More slippery behaviour. Cant seem to get a commitment


                          • SargeMaximus


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                            I just ended up saying: no thanks, good luck tho