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    Originally posted by hey_lover View Post
    Do you masturbate?
    Yes, I'am actually on a NoFap challenge.

    Originally posted by ijjjji View Post
    Foggy brain is a common side effect of starch heavy diet.
    Alcohol can cause obviously. Medications too.
    Also heard many suffer from it when trying vegetarian / vegan diets...
    Red pill alert: Most vegetable oils are very bad and particularly for the brain.

    So feel free to experiment with diet high in animal products, and report back
    Maybe yes maybe no. Since a long time now, I practice the Warrior Diet , whcih is one solid meal per day usually at evening. During the day I only eat vegetables, fruits or solid meat ( not canned).
    My current nutrition stay very poor in proteins. My foggy head was still like that when i had a more "mainstream" eating habits.
    TOday I woke up earlier at 6 Am, and my head wasn't foggy during the whole day.

    The thing is, when you're in situation like mine, I explaine, pretty good professional and social life and when you know pick up ( i am here since a long time) is I start now to ask my sefl : Should I read, research more or less.

    In one way , I think that If i didn't get the minimum results, It means that there is some concepts or ideas that I don't master or don't fully understand. So I should read, ask more, or change other aspects of myself.
    In another one ( and i may be wrong because of a flawed mental model), I see many people who got the minimum results with girls ( I mean, getting laid and getting friends ), without that much concepts and strategies in their head. I don't mean they get perfect results they just get some results. They can be little shy, or very extroverted, nerdy, skinny. But got some female intimacy anyway. And also not that much of mass approaching.

    Both of the argument makes sense, but I can't find the right one maybe again of flawed mental model that distort reality.

    So what are your comments questions?


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      You should absolutely go away from PU forums! (I was kinda hoping you were no longer virgin seeing you back..)
      Join some patient/health forums to discuss you foggy head issues instead!

      My own head was VERY foggy this spring.
      (Also balance issues. Also pressure inside head. Also prickly pain some head regions. Also sharp rise in blood pressure and almost feeling like fever.)
      Turned out it was from too much looking down on phone/laptop.
      Latin term: Occipital Neuralgia. English term: "Text Neck" "Smartphone Neck". You can google those if suspect it can be.


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        When things feel complicated I tend to seek simplicity. I think that is what you should do, Just try to feel good, then show your love and horniness for girls. Perhaps check out ijjjji's Natural thread.


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          Hello Guys,

          Long time no see, I am back and with good news!

          It's done. Using the community way when this Winter in Japan while on a business trip!

          Lost the VCard (and first kiss) on the first date in less 20 minutes from meeting to intimacy. Told the girl to come to my area after work, went to Starbucks found it closed, I was like shit, I kissed her outside, took her home.. fade to black+several cum shot on her face! The best thing I didn't pay a dime! (I will make a more detailed report).

          After it, I also managed to check some other little goals on the way :
          • 2 Kiss in public at the end of the date
          • 1 Kiss on the Dancefloor
          • 1 Bathroom pulls makeout with a Ukranian girl that was taller than me.
          • Another kiss in public when back to my country!

          Considering the fact that 2 months before that first lay, I was still Kissless virgin and only went to club like 4 times. I think I made huge progress and I can do way more.

          I hope my journey will serve as an example and inspiration with the guys still struggling. Because even if I worked hard for that it was at the end easier than I thought.

          Thank you all for your advice and support!


          • SargeMaximus


            Editing a comment

            Despite my own successes I still feel like I’m struggling. What would you suggest I read up on or material to watch or listen to? Seems to me you must have found the “it” factor if you got that kind of success that quickly

          • Witcher


            Editing a comment
            I was planning to write a special post about that, but here is the short version.

            1-Self -Image management:
            My biggest improvement came from applying the Self-Image management techniques in the book "With Winning in Mind from Lanny Bassham sports performance book that is recommended also by Black Dragon on his blog and additionally the Alter-Ego Effect by Todd Herman. I initially applied the Self-Image management techniques first to sport and business and my improvement skyrocket so I gave it a try for seduction and it worked as well .
            Some Applications:
            1. Gave my-Self the reputation of a Womanizer:
            -Living and hanging out with 4 foreign girls made this easy, to be honest. So every time I go out I am with a cute girl. There is that Kebab shop I remeber every time I went it was with new girl( either colleague or roommate) and the owner started to call me the womanizer And some of my japanse neighbors, Nanpa !
            - When relationship, male/female stuff came with my friends I was speaking only about my past good results and give politically incorrect opinions. Which made me seen by many as an asshole player!
            -Using the Alter-Ego method, I was saying to myself, if I was a womanizer who is not ashamed to take action, how I would act? The famous, what would Batman do? I used the famous rake Cardinal de Richelieu in Robert Green Book as a reference! Also when I make aggressive moves on girls, I use to tell them, you know I'm not Japanse! Playing on the image of being the horny Mediterranean.
            - Performance Journal Record: After each date/outing I recorded my performance using the method described in winning in mind book that you can find on this link:

            A little bit by little bit I started to see changes in myself until my biggest problem with girl moves from not aggressive to "too" aggressive.

            Another thing was that I made it easy on myself:
            - I used Tim Ferris DSSS learning method where I did thing a little bit backward. Rather than starting with cold approach which is, in my opinion, a skill by itself and in a place where most girls don't speak English. I focused on Online game (Tinder, Bumble and Tantan) and running dates. This made me have more dates and more interaction with girls so more practice and feedback. Since it was from an online game, girls on date were sweeter to me. I only started to go to clubs and invite girls from social circle when I was better.
            -By having success securing dates from Tinder my girls roommates started to feel a little bit jealous and gave me a reputation of having a special power which only increased how other were seeing me and how I started to see my self.

            So here is it. Some of them may work for everyone, some of them may just work for me or maybe are just placebo but this is actually what I did.