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IOis the legit ones not the buying temperature ones!

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  • IOis the legit ones not the buying temperature ones!

    So another new updated thing in the osca method(indirect mystery method) is the way we go about looking for IOIs no more looking for 3 IOIS that are neither here or there . The concrete way to go about gaming these girls is as followings

    you open stimulate captivate , in those 3 stages you pepper in dhv spikes here is the next part ,if you did that right you would get legit IOIs not buying temp IOIS that are gone as soon as you go a way . Here are the solid IOIS ,when you stop the interaction or shut up and roll off a lil bit ,she faces you and trys to keep it going ,or she ask 1 of the universal 4 questions ,what is your name ,what do you do ,where are you from,what is your age ? you then have an interesting dhv answer for those questions and assume attraction and go into qualifying(yes you still qualify and connect with 3sr its fun anyways not a burden)!!!!

    No looking for funky IOIs and no blowing it by assuming you are farther than you are !

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    So, you shouldn't try to grab and kiss her, just because she touched your arm.
    (Mystery had some great wisdoms too, and this is one of them.)