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why folks fail at the 3sr mystery method part 1 delivery!

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  • why folks fail at the 3sr mystery method part 1 delivery!

    So, I wanna say this is not a shit talking post , this is stuff I that i fucked up with and it wasnt til I took an infield with a guy who can do MM extremely well(Colgate) that I was able to practice and get the method working for me (well qualification is still a work in progress ,sporadic)

    anyhow I suspect a lotta you guys have tried to use mystery method after reading the book and you come to find out that it does not work at all .

    The things the book can not teach you guys are DELIVERY/timing and THE DISINTERESTED BODY LANGUAGE

    there is a way you have to deliver these openers

    for instance

    take this opener for example

    hey guys

    settle this

    do you think spells are real

    just this top part of the opener has to be said correctly and timed right or you fuck it up , it goes hey guys (wait or pause) settle this ,do you think spells are real?

    my friend bob went out with me to xyz place and we meet these 2 girls ,My date for the night (dhv spike pre selection) was some dancer for some nba team and his date was this weird ass goth girl named sara

    so we go back to the dancers place and me and the dancer hit off but you can see bob and his girl sorta have this awkward conversation (deliver this ina fun STIMULATING way ) so he went to sleep right away and she was awake so next morning we get up to leave and his girl was gone but tied around his wrist ...(PAUSE and speak slower to build up) get the group to lean in (this is CAPTIVATE part of the convo) was ...this ......lil paper with the words your love is my love and my love is your love and some candle wax at the edges i told the dancer your friend is fucking it up for you (the group should laugh at line ) .and she said oh thats just sara being weird ill call her up and ask her what it means ..long story short the wicca girl said it was a love spell , I thought it was dumb and he did too...but get this (pause and build this up captivate again ) i aint seen him in 2 weeks when i told him lets chill tonite he said na Im with sara ..... wow think that was the spell or psychology

    those are the words right there and if you read a book and go out and try it , it is not guaranteed to work !!!! why you understood what you had to say but what you can not get from the book is HOW TO SAY IT

    in fact the common misconceptions of opinion openers are you are asking for an opinion like a fucking loser , like a needy guy with a problem

    its actually a false opinion opener

    you really wanna ask the first part to get the attention of the group and DELIVER THE OPENER LIKE A STORY !

    you need the enthusiasm to deliver that opener its not an opinion eliciting question but more like sharing a story with strangers

    you also need to know when pause and or drop the punchline

    the actual opener I use I have the line ..actually she DEMANDED his facebook password and the girls make an oh my god face every time (that is good delivery)

    the solutions to this problem are simple

    you have to hear the opener being delivered well, (like take a bootcamp) and you should use a recorder to record your voice and play it back (if while listening to yourself saying the opener , you get bored or cringe your delivery is not good enough)

    (perhaps ill post an audio clip of me doing an indirect opener and yall can hear an opener delivered correctly!

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    I agree! Opinion openers are easy to screw up. I believe its because they border on being awkwardly long, leading naturally to your motives being put into question!
    (I admit I only tried them for a very short period, but I felt those 'issues' very clearly, hence moving on to NEG-openers, which I stuck with for a number of years.)

    Side note - body orientation seems to be the single biggest factor whenever addressing girls. Fix that, and rest will more often than not, fix itself.


    • Grodmeister General
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      Your motives won't be in question if you know how to show disinterest correctly. And opinion openers rock but have to be Delivered correctly, it's body language plus delivery that fixes everything.

    • ijjjji


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    Originally posted by kijjjji View Post
    I agree! Opinion openers are easy to screw up. I believe its because they border on being awkwardly long, leading naturally to your motives being put into question!
    Contrarian KJ as usual from you. Opinion openers can be just a sentence. "Do I look like I am gay when wearing this jacket?"


    • Grodmeister General
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      That's a good opener, if you do not root or tell a story after you sell the method short!

    • sparxx


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      Yeah I used it when I was a total noob and it opened well even then.