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  • In the beginning of the interaction...

    you as the PUA must do a good chunk of the talking (90 percent) i was out with a wing yesterday and he is an RSD (them motherfuckers are weird) and i noticed he took material i gave him and let the girls run him over in set with it(dominate the chat with their input) he wasnt getting the effect he was suppose to get

    here is how a good set should be run (via the 3sr mm way) lets say its a 2 set

    pua; hey guys whos better michael jackson or prince

    girl 1 " michael

    girl 2 prince (lets say shes your target

    pua: to girl number 2 oh my god you are off your rocker woman

    anyhow (cut them off) i think xyz

    then roll off

    then hmm you look like the good one and you look like the bad one

    (now is not the time to ask if its true)

    pua" (to the good girl) hmm what i wanna do is ....dress you up like and an angel etc

    pua to the bad one ..and you ....i can totally ..see......all red jumpsuit ....and a pitchfork etc

    and when i wanna make a decision ill call you 2 up and have you fight and ill go with whoever wins

    but no reall fighting ok ,i already seen that earlier seen the fight outside

    segue to story about girls fighting with dhv spikes (and lock in)

    now after you get to the hook (which should be at this point or your set is compromised attraction is 3 to 5 minutes tops)

    you ask a qualifier ...favorite place to go to AND WHY (the why is the key part)

    once they start talking about that shut up and or drop the levels now to 50 50

    thats how its ran indirect style not ask an opinion then let em talk talk talk talk and you ask rapport seeking questions ..goodbye value goodbye dominance etc!

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    Good point. I actually like to say 3-4 things machinegun style, before giving girls chance to get a word in.


    • Grodmeister General
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      no like do get them to say something immediate cut off ! .