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How to work mixed sets!!!!

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  • How to work mixed sets!!!!

    So a common scenario or complaint is there are a lot of mixed sets , and I been going out with an RSD dude for a wing (he can be a headache) and he doesnt really do the mixed sets correctly , so I am posting a few tips for those who do mixed sets or wanna do mixed sets, in fact most of the uber hotties have dudes in their sets and not dorky dudes but big fucking 6 foot buff good lookin dudes!

    1. On open, when you open definitely want to use false time constraints and neg the target ,also direct a bulk of the convo towards the guy . You also do not want to get cut off by the guy and let him dominate the set with his opinion ,hence killing your attraction you could have had and or value with the target

    2. No sucking up , that wing I have does this , no kiss ass comments like cool watch and man youre so cool and extending your hand to the guy , in fact hold off on all of that and let him break first and ask for your name and hand etc( Colgate taught me this) one that shows you won over the set or you are capable of winning over mixed sets, number 2 you are not dlving to the guy to get the girl . Its very transparent when you want something you are extra nice , consider that the same thing overly buttering up a guy in a mixed set.

    3.Stimulator , gambits like ring routine and c vs u etc do not really fly in mixed sets ,however short funny stories (fight outside , my own stories ) and even the name neumonic gambit style runs (i have my own version) work well to stimulate the set while keeping the dude interested .

    4.Before captivation (or sharing your dhv story upon lock in) ask how do you all know each other ,find out then share the story at least for the social proof, practice and skill.

    5. after you get to hook and are locked in , use games (who looks like they havent had any in a while, 5 questions game, ) and qualifers to the whole group not the girl

    6. you cant iso(most of the time) so go for a number close and hit the girl up seperately or if you can move her qualify her and come back to the table with the guy etc.

    there you go fellas good luck!