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Sand volleyball and advice for social game

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  • Sand volleyball and advice for social game

    Hi all,

    I started going to a beach volleyball group and wanted to know best how to play it.

    Dynamics: 9 Girls (2 may have boyfriends)
    20+ guys (5 alpha's including myself rest wallflowers and/or gay)

    I just started by introducing myself everyone socially and general talking about how cold it was and that this was crazy to be doing (I earlier posted on the Meetup page that "We are going to be freezing are ____S off" which got a variety of responses.. I checked out of few of the women and some were 7/8 and chatted briefly with a new girl that came with one of the regular girls(She says it was her first time) Maryland for a bit but felt she was a bit uncomfortable so I broke it off after a couple of minutes. Moved on and talk with some of guys and with this one girl name Maya, is a fairly hot african-american who is kind of low key but has a positive vibe.

    After that we split up into teams and played a bunch of volleyball and ate a lot of sand.

    Now this is my real question. During a break between games there was this one girl named Anita (We had music going in that background) Who was like 3 feet in front and dancing with her hands in her back pockets just bouncing her ___ and I'm thinking "Should go behind and just start fake bouncing with her or not" because I thought it was kind of strange that she was doing it RIGHT in front of me.

    I decided not to because of social dynamics and made a snarky comment "Hey Anita, are you trying to keep your ___ warm" and she said "No, my hands" and kept on bouncing.

    Thoughts and suggestions how to proceed in this group and not be "That guy" but continue making progress in it. Thanks for reading.
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    I would suggest gaming in bars and clubs til you get this stuff down and you will the nhave a feel for enviroments like these!!! , to practice this social circle stuff is advanced ,go for the skills not the girl for right now!


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      Thanks Grod..I'll keep that in mind with this place. Doing a lot of online today because knees f*kin sore for 3 hours on the "Beach"