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Seems To Me Everybody is Starting To Settle As Trend

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  • Seems To Me Everybody is Starting To Settle As Trend

    Anybody else starting to see this one? Iím noticing less people are starting to be inclined to hook up and are coupling up pretty hard.

    I canít recall if this is the usual because Valentineís Day is coming up or if itís something unusual. If itís unusual how are the approaches going if she already has a bf? Same, easier or more difficult then it has usually been?

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    I have seen quite a handful of girls advertising themselves as being single on social media because they need "someone to cuddle up with" on valentines day. Other than that, i haven't noticed much people getting into relationships, in fact a lot of people have been breaking up lately.


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      I found the opposite true, the new generation z girls like to date a lot...

      p.s. we are still in bf season thanksgiving till valentines....


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        Also imo, you shouldnt freak out about people in relationships like its "settling down".
        There are plenty different kinds of relationships. 3 month, 6 month type stuff. Shouldnt be seen as a huge huge deal.
        Its more than nothing for sure, but its not like some epic 5 year + type thing.